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I Applied Structure With a Spatula: See Photos

  • A brand-new structure hack is getting appeal on TikTok.
  • The technique includes using structure with a spatula for more even protection.
  • One editor evaluated the structure hack and is sharing her outcomes.

I can constantly rely on TikTok to keep me as much as date with the most recent charm hacks. Previously this year, for instance, I used my structure with a jade roller when I saw the strategy all over the app, and I was so satisfied with the outcomes that I still do it each time I desire a full-coverage makeup appearance. So when I saw a couple of viral videos of TikTokers utilizing a spatula to use their structure, I believed I’d offer the technique a shot (even if it did appear a little wild).

In one clip I saw while scrolling the app, user @soobeauty states, “The entire concept is that by using with a spatula, it will set out the structure equally and very finely so you do not wind up caking up your face.”

Normally when I use my makeup, I either spread out the structure straight onto my skin from the bottle, or I squeeze a bit onto the top of my hand and utilize a makeup brush to mix it onto my face. I like to utilize the tiniest quantity possible since I dislike the appearance of caked-on makeup, so I was hoping this hack would offer me that less-is-more surface.

For me, the hardest part of screening this hack was discovering a spatula. Everybody attempting the pattern was utilizing a kind made particularly for makeup — generally utilized by specialists when doing SFX looks — so I needed to invest a long time scrolling on Amazon trying to find the best item. When I lastly discovered something that didn’t look like anything I’d discover in my cooking area — the Wismee 5Pcs Makeup Spatula Set ($7) — I bought it ASAP. When it showed up, I cleaned it and right away set to work.

I picked to do a split-face experiment since I wished to make certain I might genuinely assess the outcomes of utilizing a spatula versus how I frequently used my makeup. So on one side of my face, I used structure onto the back of my hand and utilized a structure brush to mix whatever out. Next, I proceeded to the spatula. I began by using structure to the back of my hand, and after that I move the spatula through the structure as if I were cutting through it with a knife. From there, I smeared it onto the opposite of my face by drawing the line down my cheek and after that spreading it out.

tiktok spatula foundation hack

Initially look, I seemed like I had method excessive makeup on the spatula side of my face, once I began to mix it out with an appeal sponge, things began to look more regular. I worked from the center of my face to spread out the structure outside and up.

When I took a minute to go back and survey the outcomes, I was impressed with the spatula side of my face. My makeup didn’t look cakey at all, and it was spread out equally all over. I didn’t believe the side where I used my structure utilizing a brush looked bad, per se, however since the spatula didn’t take in any pigment (whereas the brush certainly did), that side wound up looking a lot more smooth. I really wound up including a bit more structure to that side to even it out.

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I’m not one to invest a lots of time doing my makeup, so this additional action isn’t something I’ll utilize all the time, however this is a terrific structure hack for huge occasions or when I have a little bit more time in the early morning. If you do not have actually a makeup spatula, other TikTok users have recommended attempting it with a butter knife — however take care, undoubtedly — or the back of a spoon.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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