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How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: 9 New Outfit Ideas

Turns out there are plenty of top influencers who can’t get enough of the slightly oversized, low-slung silhouette of these ’00s jeans. Further proof that you shouldn’t give up on them—at least, not until you revisit them and draw a conclusion for yourself.

The key to making these jeans look the 2022 part lies in the styling. Now, you can push beyond the plain-T-shirt box—even if it is a look that continues to serve us, and Sylvie Mus, well. If you’re feeling bold, why not integrate some trend-led pieces to lift these jeans to cool new heights? Make Ellie from Slip Into Style your muse on that front.

If you’re curious about how to wear slouchy jeans now, we’ve found nine prime examples of said styling to inspire you. And should you find your wardrobe lacks any of the items needed to re-create these looks, we’ve shopped them out for you.

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