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How to watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie online

Here is the simplest way to tune in to all of Bob’s shenanigans in his latest movie debut if you’re watching along in the UK.

After years of waiting, the Belcher family finally hit the big screen. The Bob’s Burgers Movie stemmed from the TV show Bob’s Burgers, which aires on Fox and is now on its 12th season, with the 13th season already confirmed.

The show and movie center around the Belcher family, which is made up of the parents, Bob and Linda, and three children, Tina, Gene and Louise.

As one of the most popular animated shows running, it’s no surprise that the series has joined the ranks of The Simpsons and South Park, getting its own full-length animated movie.

But how can you watch along? Keep reading to find out when and where you can stream The Bob’s Burgers Movie if you’re in the UK.

When can I stream The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie became available to stream on 13th July this year in the UK, meaning that it’s already accessible to anyone looking to join in on the fun.

Where can I stream The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

Over here in the UK, The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be available to watch on Disney+, meaning that you will need a subscription if you want to catch up with the Belcher family.

Unfortunately, Disney+ does not offer any form of free trial, so you may need to splash out if you don’t have a subscription already. You can sign up for a monthly membership, which will cost £7.99, or you can go for an annual membership, which costs £79.90, giving you an overall saving of two months.

You can check out the full trailer for The Bob’s Burgers Movie just below if you want to see the sort of shenanigans you’ll be getting yourself into.

YouTube video

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