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How to Use Curling Iron? Considerations When Using Curling Irons

The curling iron, which is used to have wavy hair, changes the structure of the hair and allows the hair to curl. Products that work with electricity, give off high heat and cause the hair to enter the desired form in a short time.

The curling iron is a product produced by many different brands, and the working power of the products varies according to the model of the product. Having a selectable temperature in the products allows users to adjust the temperature according to their hair type. In many products, the temperature setting can be followed on the LCD screen.

One of the most preferred products in recent years is the curling iron with automatic closing feature. The energy consumed by the heat-adjustable products is also different from each other. The technical features of each of the product models with titanium, ceramic, tourmaline and keratin plates are different from the other. The fastest heating curling irons are products with a titanium plate. It is quite simple to use products that offer rich color options and have more than one heat setting.

First of all, before starting the process, care should be taken that the hair is clean and not wet.

The hair is combed and divided into several strands. To use the curling iron, start from the lowest strand.

Meanwhile, the product is opened and when the product is heated, the hair is wrapped around the curling iron according to the desired curl thickness.

Wait for approximately ten seconds and continue until the hair ends.

Processing time varies depending on the length, thickness or thinness of the user’s hair.

It is possible to achieve natural-looking curls with the product, which offers a very practical and easy use. After curling each strand of hair, the curls are distributed with the help of hands and a natural look is obtained.

Considerations When Using Curling Irons
The shapes given to the hair change the appearance of the users and provide a different look. There are many details that need to be considered, as products that work with the help of electricity emit high heat. It is necessary to be careful when using the curling iron, which works by giving a high degree of heat.

Before starting the application, the temperature of the product should be adjusted and the hair should be made ready for the curling iron process.

The hair is divided into different strands by combing with a brush and hair serum is applied to the roots of the hair. Hair serum prevents burning or breaking of hair exposed to high heat.

When applying a curling iron to fine hair, it is important to shorten the waiting time so that the hair is not damaged.

It is necessary not to touch the hot parts of the tongs and to avoid such accidents, heat resistant gloves can be used.

Users who want to have naturally wavy hair are recommended to choose thick tongs.

When using the curling iron, the hair should be clean, paying attention to the dryness of the hair. The tongs applied to dirty hair do not give effective results and the curls deteriorate in a short time.

When using the product models, it is important to start the wrapping process from the bottom of the hair for the process to be successful.

Before starting the process, the hair can be sprayed with thermal water, which prevents the hair from being damaged.

The damage caused by the curling iron, which has been very successful in hair straightening and styling, is among the subjects that users research a lot. Paying attention to some details while using high temperature products through electricity will minimize the negative effects of the curling iron.

It is not recommended to use the product models very often so that the hair is not constantly exposed to high heat, and it is necessary to choose the products according to the hair type when purchasing them. In addition, the products should be of high quality and should not be left on the hair for too long while curling. When the curling iron stays on the hair for a long time, burns, breakage and thinning occur in the hair, which leads to damage to the hair.

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