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How to Style an Oversized Shirt: 5 Chic Suggestions to Try

When I buy clothes, I do so with versatility in mind. I’ve always been tentative with money, so although my job as a fashion editor certainly makes shopping regularly a tempting prospect, I only invest in something when it truly warrants it. This season, I decided to treat myself to a linen shirt-and-shorts set, as, like so many others, I hadn’t updated my holiday wares in a few years. I opted for a two-piece from Deiji Studios, thinking I could maximise its wearability by splitting the top and shorts up to create new looks.

Although the shorts have come in handy, it’s the oversized, slouchy shirt that I’ve really gotten the best cost per wear out of. I wear a lot of fitted pieces, as I find they tend to suit my curvy frame better, but this oversize shirt has been a godsend—particularly on the balmy summer days we’ve been experiencing. Never did I think I’d get so much use out of one, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite ensembles I’ve been able to create with my oversize shirt.

Most of the pieces I’m wearing in the looks below are old and out of stock (as I said, I’m an infrequent spender), but I’ve found the chicest alternatives to suit. While my shirt is part of a set, I think Arket has created a pretty impressive one, which I’ve peppered below for you also. Continue on to see how to style an oversized shirt, as told by an editor who rates versatility above all else.

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