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How to Create a Travel-Friendly Skincare Routine

The holiday season has arrived. That means it’s time to start planning a skincare routine to suit your travels. Below, three experts share their top tips to consider to support your skin from start to finish.

Make sure you clean your skin thoroughly

“One of the most obvious changes when traveling from cold to hot climates is your skin sweats more,” says consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto. “For those with acne-prone skin, this can be a trigger,” continues Mahto, insisting on deep cleansing twice a day to remove sweat, sunscreen and impurities. And there is a caveat. Do not limit cleaning only to your face, especially your neck, chest and back.

Choose a pH balancing toner

The pH of the skin can change as you travel between different climates. Facialist and esthetician Joanna Çek recommends always using a pH-balancing toner: “Our skin is naturally acidic, typically pH balance between five and six. When our skin’s pH rises to alkaline levels, trans-epidermal water loss, dehydration and “It triggers a chain reaction that ultimately results in inflammation. A pH-balancing toner restores skin to its ideal state.”

A good lip balm can be your best travel companion

“The low humidity associated with cabin air can be pretty dry for skin,” says Mahto. Any flight longer than four hours and your skin will feel it, especially your incredibly vulnerable lips. A regularly applied lip balm can be your best travel companion.

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Consider using a face mask

One of the best ways to keep dryness at bay is to use a face mask. “Masks are the best way to intensely hydrate skin during a long-haul flight,” says Milena Naydenov, chief esthetician at 111Skin.

“Calm down” your skin

“When we go from hot to cold, our blood vessels constrict to help regulate body temperature,” says Mahto. “In some people with certain skin conditions (those with sensitive/reactive skin/rosacea), this can trigger a flare-up.” This is exactly where your tranquilizers come in handy. Especially niacinamide. Niacinamide, part of the vitamin B3 molecule, is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories in skin care and has a calming and soothing effect on the skin. If you travel frequently, it will be an ideal addition to your grooming routine.

Don’t leave your skin dehydrated

Even before you arrive at your holiday destination, there is a journey you have to contend with, along with germs, dry and cold weather. This means that your body is losing water in every aspect. Therefore, do not neglect moisturizers and concealers. Dr. “Extra hydration is my focus when dealing with the dryness of travel,” says Barbara Sturm.


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