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How to circumnavigate Tuscany on public transportation

With its lovely landscapes, scrumptious food and wonderful art, Tuscany is a must-see location for any cultural traveler. It’s house to many beautiful towns like Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Luca, Pisa, and a lot more. The very best method to go to Tuscany is by having a base in among those locations and seeing the rest on field trip. And don’t fret if you won’t have a vehicle, due to the fact that here is the total guide on how to circumnavigate Tuscany on public transportation.

How to circumnavigate Tuscany on public transportation

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Tuscany is the very best checked out on a big salami. With its hills, great deals of vineyards, historic vacation homes and lovely towns, the entire location is so dreamy. Taking a trip through Tuscany seems like going on a historic journey. It constantly advises me of paintings at the Rijksmuseum made by the 17th-century Dutch masters who took a trip to Italy.

I checked out Tuscany two times this year and have actually gone to much of these locations throughout those journeys. So, here are a few of my ideas on how to check out Tuscany by utilizing public transportation.

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What to see in Tuscany

Nevertheless, let’s begin with what to see because Italian area very first. Here are simply a few of the towns noted, however you’ll discover many fascinating cultural websites throughout Tuscany.


The biggest town and the capital of Tuscany is Florence. It’s well-known for its cathedral with a gorgeous Renaissance dome. A previous home town of the effective Medici household, Florence is likewise house to 2 museums that anybody thinking about the Italian Renaissance ought to go to. Uffizi Gallery is where you can see a few of the most well-known art work from the Renaissance time. Galleria dell’Accademia is house to a terrific collection of Michelangelo’s sculptures, amongst which the statue of David is the most well-known.


Found some eighty kilometres (fifty miles) even more away, Siena was constantly a historic competitor to Florence. Checking out that beautiful town makes a terrific outing while in Tuscany. When in Florence, you feel as if you have actually gone back in the Renaissance time. Nevertheless, the architecture in Siena is even older. With its narrow streets and historical homes, it looks a lot more middle ages. This town’s highlights are its Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, the town hall with a few of the most lovely middle ages frescoes (with a style of the great and bad federal government) and its oval-shaped primary square.

San Gimignano

Considering that I initially saw a picture of San Gimignano, a town filled with middle ages towers, I have actually wished to visit it. It is among the very best maintained middle ages towns and, due to the fact that of that, noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Website. It’s still house to fourteen middle ages towers that made it through all the wars throughout the history. Surrounded by strong city walls, San Gimignano is house to numerous lovely historic homes, palaces, piazzas and great dining establishments.

IDEA: While there, make certain to attempt a regional red wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano.


Lucca is among the most distinct middle ages towns in Tuscany and house to unspoiled Renaissance city walls. It’s referred to as the city of art due to the fact that it was the birth place of numerous world-famous authors, like Giacomo Puccini, the author of La Boheme and Madama Butterfly. Some locations that shouldn’t be missed out on in Lucca are its middle ages cathedral, the elliptical-shaped Piazza dell’Anfiteatro and the Romanesque-Gothic Gunigi Tower.


Although well-known around the world for its leaning tower, Pisa is house to a lot more historic landmarks. Pisa University was established back in the 12th century. The city is filled with middle ages churches and palaces. A few of the architectural landmarks in Pisa are its cathedral, baptistery and huge cemetery, Campo Santo. In the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo you’ll discover art work made by 2 of the most well-known middle ages carvers from Pisa – Nicola Pisano and Giovanni Pisano.

IDEA: Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa. The global airport situated beside the town is called after him.


The lovely town of Arezzo is among the Italian art centres no cultural traveler ought to miss out on. It was the home town of Giorgio Vasari. He wasn’t just a talented artist, however likewise composed the very first bios of his contemporaries, Renaissance masters. It’s house to many fascinating cultural websites. Cimabue’s Crucifix in the San Domenico’s Church (13th century) and Piero della Francesca’s History of the Real Cross fresco (15th century) shouldn’t be missed out on.

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Checking out Tuscany by train

Tuscany is well linked by train and you can quickly go to a few of the locations in Tuscany by utilizing public transportation. The train stations are generally situated near to the town centre. Among the primary Italian railway linking Rome with Milan goes through Tuscany. So, the trains fast and leave frequently. Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Arezzo have direct train connections with Florence. You can visit them on a day journey or perhaps prepare a big salami to Tuscany by utilizing public transportation.

IDEA: I checked out Tuscany by automobile, too. Italians have a particular method of driving that might be hard to change for individuals from nations with various driving designs. And among the primary advantages of circumnavigating Tuscany by public transportation is that you don’t require to try to find parking (which might be rather a problem in the narrow streets of these towns).

Checking out Tuscany by bus

Navigating Tuscany by bus might likewise be a terrific method to check out that area of Italy. It’s particularly useful if your lodging lies outside the city centre or in a few of the smaller sized towns in Tuscany. Throughout my last journey to Florence, I remained in a vacation home at the edge of the town. So, when I wished to go to Siena from Florence by public transportation, it was a lot easier to take a bus rather of a train. Likewise, don’t hesitate that buses will be sluggish due to the fact that they typically drive on a highway in between the towns.

Busses are likewise really good to utilize as a mode of public transportation in those locations, particularly in Florence. They’ll get you right in the city centre for an extremely sensible rate – one journey will cost you 1,50 euros.

Utilizing Omio to check out Tuscany by public transportation

If you’re uncertain what the very best public transportation choices are for you, apps like Omio be available in really useful. You can enter your departure and arrival locations, and it will determine the very best travel choices for you. When you get your journey, you can purchase your tickets online. That’s likewise helpful due to the fact that in some cases the tickets might be more pricey if you purchase them from a bus motorist.

Here is the link to all the train choices for taking a trip in Italy that will ideally assist you prepare your journey to Tuscany.

Tuscany is a gorgeous area of Italy and house to many lovely towns worth checking out. I hope this guide will assist you with preparing how to circumnavigate Tuscany with public transportation. Have you circumnavigated Tuscany on a train or a bus? Let me understand if you have any extra ideas to share.

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