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How the Elaborate Costumes of ‘Home of the Dragon’ Happened

For a program like Home of the Dragon, the audience’s expectations are astronomically high—every information requires to be carried out perfectly. So it makes good sense that HBO generated the huge weapons: Jany Temime, experienced outfit designer. Her IMDb credits extend back to the 1970s and consist of more current hits such as 6 of the Harry Potter motion pictures, Black Widow (2021), Judy (2019), and not one however 2 James Bond movies, skyfall (2012) and Specter (2015).

Signing Up With the Home of the Dragon team marks Temime’s very first venture into American tv, however based upon her proficiency with billion-dollar franchises and mind-bogglingly intricate productions, it’s clear even from the program’s trailers that her work is absolutely nothing except beautiful. Here, we overtake the famous designer to discuss her big-picture motivations and the fundamentals that entered into developing this instantaneous classic’s right away recognizable outfits.

What did your research study for Home of the Dragon appear like?

When we began the task, I remained in confinement in the South of France. I was believing, This program is set 200 years prior to something which does not exist; it’s not particularly historic, so we desired recommendations to middle ages times, however actually the sky was the limitation. The Targaryens were likewise exceptionally rich, so I concentrated on Renaissance and Byzantine components to demonstrate how abundant they were. I needed to discover something prior to middle ages, and I believed that Byzantine was abundant enough; it had a sort of decadence.

Which pieces did you enjoy dealing with the most?

I had great deals of enjoyable with all the armor. I enjoy armor due to the fact that you can actually get imaginative. I enjoy metalworking, leather working. For me, due to the fact that of the shape, armor is as interesting as creating a bodice. It’s something you place on top of your body to develop another body. In those times, going to fight was so decorative, due to the fact that for them, it was attractive to go to fight and have the very best armor. I take a look at the current funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II, and it’s sort of the very same, with all of the uniforms and the pageantry.


house of the dragon costumes


There’s likewise an excellent scene in Home of the Dragon where young Rhaenyra seduces her armed guard. I could not assist however believe, How is he going to take all of that armor off?!

That was a hard scene. That was really rehearsed, due to the fact that you need to take all those pieces off one by one. That was so amusing!

Among my preferred appearances up until now this season has actually been when Rhaenyra is called as main successor to the world. She has this beautiful headpiece.

When we see Rhaenyra’s investiture as the main successor, that is expected to be an antique outfit, something provided generation to generation, an historical dress. The headpiece she uses because scene was my motivation—it makes use of all those ancient mosaics and images of huge gold halos that you see in Byzantine churches.

house of the dragon game of thrones costumes


How huge was this production, and the number of outfits did you need to make?

Our team was in between 150 and 170 individuals. We had 2 to 3 systems contending the very same time. I had my little electrical vehicle ranging from one set to the other. For the bonus, I developed 2,000 outfits. And after that, for the characters, 300 or more.

Was it difficult to deal with the scale of this production?

It wasn’t the size. I did some Harry Potter motion pictures previously, and those were huge. However what was challenging was to have various directors, various [directors of photography] each episode. You normally begin with one director, and you learn more about what they like and you deal with a lot more self-confidence. thigh 10 Home of the Dragon, due to the fact that directors were altering, you were continuously backed into a brand-new difficulty. The showrunners actually assisted me through. Now that we’re reviewing the completed program, I believe, Oh, my God, it looks excellent! And you sort of forget the daily issues that you had.

In reality, I dealt with a number of the cast formerly. I understood a number of the females, and they were all beautiful. When you have a gorgeous cast, half your work is done.

house of the dragon game of thrones costumes


What was the hardest part of the production?

The greatest difficulty was the males. I wished to have males in skirts to the knee. I believe absolutely nothing is sexier than a guy in a skirt. I discovered these incredible Japanese samurai skirts for recommendations, and I put those on Matt [Smith, who plays Prince Daemon]. He began strolling with it, and it was wonderful. He was turning with it, moving with it, he enjoyed it. Kilts are really manly, due to the fact that they are little on the waist and go right to the knee. Extremely manly.

Home of the Dragon is such a departure from today’s truth. How do you make clothing that appear lived-in and genuine, and not like “outfits”?

I had about 20 individuals assisting me with breaking in garments and dyeing. I color a lot, and I work a lot on the materials by hand, and I utilize great deals of embroidery. I like to take a material and simplify and deal with it. Thank God we began throughout lockdown and there were likewise great deals of waiting times on set, so we might break down the products and make the outfits look ideal.

house of the dragon game of thrones costumes


Placing on a dream outfit should be such an improvement for the stars. How did you witness them alter when they entered into outfit?

Picture you have males getting here in a set of denims and tennis shoes, you let them undress, you put them in these beautiful materials with a belt on the hips and the kilt and a set of boots, and unexpectedly they move in a different way. They reverse, they flaunt their back, they begin feeling so exceptionally strong and attractive. When you provide a lady a gorgeous gown, you understand she will value it, due to the fact that it’s not up until now off from what she may currently use in reality, possibly for an unique event or something. However to take a man from his denims and into historic outfit is a a lot more effective thing.

The ladies were beautiful. They had those gowns, and unexpectedly they were strolling like a woman. They were likewise kids—when you have a starlet who is twenty years old, they have actually just ever actually used denims and a Tee shirts. I constantly take pleasure in dealing with a young cast, due to the fact that for them it’s a discovery.

This interview has actually been condensed and modified for clearness.

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