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How is hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied after filling?

“Getting older” makes itself felt in our body as a natural process. The interest in aesthetic applications for changes such as wrinkles, sagging, elasticity, loss of volume and stains that develop as you get older has been increasing, especially in recent years. Different methods are applied for a younger appearance, reduction of wrinkles and elimination of volume losses. Koç University Hospital Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist Dr. Aslıcan Çakalkurt states that fillers are one of the most frequently used applications for this purpose. The applied fillers should be both effective and reliable, and the procedure should never be performed by non-physicians.

Some undesirable effects can be seen immediately after filling applications or later. While some undesirable effects that develop after filling applications are mild and can be easily treated, sometimes more severe pictures are encountered and more advanced treatment methods are applied. Allergic reactions may develop in people who are sensitive after the filler is applied, especially in case of severe allergies, emergency treatments should be applied. Redness, edema, swelling and cyst may develop in the application area. Infections can be seen in the early and late stages. In case of occlusion in the vessels for many reasons such as the applied filler and the application site, circulatory disorder and tissue loss may occur.

Filling applications should be performed by experienced and trained physicians. It is very important to continue the patient-physician communication after the applications and to consult the physician when any undesirable effects are observed. Fillers should be careful in terms of symptoms such as itching, color change and pain in the application area and should inform their physicians about their developing complaints. Such complaints should be followed carefully as they may herald more severe conditions.

When undesirable effects develop after filling applications, the necessary treatments should be started quickly.. In some cases, complaints can be easily eliminated with methods such as cold-hot applications or massage, while further treatments may be required in some cases. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the treatment methods used in undesirable conditions such as circulatory disorder, wound and infection due to filling application. With the application of pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, circulation is supported, more oxygen reaches the application area, and wound and tissue losses can be prevented. Successful responses can be obtained with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in people who develop wounds and infections. For this reason, patients should be evaluated for hyperbaric oxygen therapy as soon as possible when undesirable effects are observed after the application of the filler material.

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