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‘House of this Dragon’ Episode Three Recap: Rhaenyra’s Suitors

It’s been three years since we past saw King’s Landing, and a whole lot has transpired for the reason that time. Viserys and Alicent aren’t just gladly hitched, nevertheless they have a son—the Aegon that is aggressively blonde-headed boy of two, whom everyone assumes will soon take his half-sister, Rhaenyra’s place as heir to the throne. Alicent also happens to be heavily pregnant with baby number two (at the age that is young of and ten, i may include), rendering it hard to view her fight in bouncing carriages therefore the fairly uncomfortable-looking dresses she’s forced to wear belated into her 3rd trimester.

Episode three revolves around two occasions, one being the battle happening during the Stepstones between Daemon Targaryen while the Velaryon military while the Prince that is much-feared Drahar the Crabfeeder. Daemon and Lord Corlys seem pretty much defeated until Daemon, fueled by his desire to win without the help of his brother (pride is a tool that is powerful is it maybe not?), all but sacrifices himself to obtain top of the hand, also it generally seems to work. Back the security of this world, it’s Aegon’s nameday that is second though everyone seems to be less focused on the toddler and more so focused on Rhaenyra, who has come of age and now must marry. Of course, the Rhaenyra that is prideful does wish to marry, but rather spend her times riding dragons and grimacing. Who hasn’t held a variety of suitors from lining up at her home, nevertheless. Therefore, to greatly help her decide in order to find a person birthing that is worth children with, we’ve decided to help her out. Welcome to The Dating Game: Westeros Edition. Now, let’s meet our contestants:

Bachelor #1

He loves lions almost as much as he loves snapping at servants, Bachelor #1 is quite the catch thanks to his seat as Lord of Casterly Rock. He can provide all the honey wine to our bachelorette therefore the views of this Sunset water she’s going to ever want. Needless to say, he doesn’t have actually a dragon pit, but he’s ready to build one for Rhaenyra. Regrettably, it’ll have become big sufficient to match their ego, which could show to be an challenge that is architectural. Meet Bachelor #1…Jason Lannister.

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO

Bachelor #2

As it has been made so abundantly clear, in the world of Dragon, marriage is about strengthening alliances, which is what makes Bachelor #2 quite the catch. His sister almost became the queen once, but there was the issue that is small of only being 12 years of age during the time. Now, however, our Bachelor gets the possibility to be King consort, in which he has a complete lot going for him. He’s of pure Velaryon decent, which means Rhaenyra will no doubt to his babies have that icy blond locks. He additionally is actually the heir towards the house that is wealthiest in the realm, a fact that cannot be ignored, especially by King Viserys. The pair could enjoy couples jaunts on dragonback together, that is, if he survives the war he’s currently embroiled in if Rhaenyra does choose#2. Women and gentleman, Bachelor #2…Laenor Velayron.

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO

House of the dragon episode 3

Bachelor #3

Yes, he’s just two years of age, and yes, he’s Rhaenyra’s half sibling, but hey, the Targaryens have not been afraid of a incest that is little. Plus, choosing Bachelor #3 will put an end to all the debate about who will succeed the throne, they could just do it together. That’s how it works, right? Anyway, here’s Bachelor #3, Rhaenyra’s baby brother…Prince Aegon.

Bachelor #4

Bachelor #4 seems to be the only one who can control the rebellious Princess, so he may just be the fit that is perfect. Unfortunately, he’s born that is common which likely won’t sit well with the King. What advantages can a knight bring Rhaenyra? Well, he seems to be the man that is only really enjoys being around, which can be undoubtedly a place in their benefit. Plus, he’sn’t too much regarding the eyes. Quit for Bachelor #4…Ser Criston Cole.

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO

hand of the dragon episode 3

whom will Rhaenyra select, and certainly will they reside happily ever after? Listen in to week’s that is next of The Dating Game to find out. Though we likely already know the answer to the question that is latter which can be most likely not. After all, who is able to be pleased in this full life of politicking, misogyny, and physical violence? Maybe not we, and definitely not Rhaenyra.

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