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Horoscopes Summer 2022: Travel, Career, Love & Style

CAREER A productivity drive in mid July could free you up to cut loose like never before this summer. Use any free time to take a deep dive into a subject that fascinates you and you might just hit upon a blockbuster idea.

TRAVEL There’s plenty of travel in store for Leo this summer so make sure your passport is good to go. And don’t stop at short haul either. Taking – or even just planning – a long haul trip could provide the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.


23 August–22 September

Transformation awaits for Virgo this summer as a passion project begins to grow wings. You are not who you were once and nor sure you be – this is your time to shine.

LIFE Summer kicks off with a free, easy and super social vibe but don’t expect the party to last till September. The end of July could see you looking within as a break from the norm creates space for you to consider what you really want out of life. If not this then what, Virgo?

LOVE An intense love affair could go stellar this summer but there’s a fine line between blowing caution to the wind and playing with fire. An ex with an agenda could rock the boat towards the end of August if you choose to accept their proposition.

STYLE It’s eco vibes all the way for you this summer as you bring last year’s looks out for another spin. Think vintage slip dresses on the beach and old-school sporty separates for hikes in the hills. Save the splurge for birthday season.

CAREER It’s time to finish what you started with a big project, Virgo, which probably means taking your laptop on holiday. Make the most of a career-related energy boost in August and you’ll be ahead of the game by September.

TRAVEL Combine travel with wellbeing this summer and you’ll feel better than ever by autumn. Think cold-water swimming, a hiking adventure or beach yoga somewhere magically serene.


23 September–22 October

This summer might just turn out to be a dream come true for Libra. Your love life looks lit, there’s magic in the air and a long-held career dream could be on its way to coming true.

LIFE Partnerships of all kinds are in focus for you this summer and whether they’re romantic, platonic or strictly business there’s a new connection out there that feels like destiny. Make this the summer you say ‘Yes’ to a big opportunity.

LOVE The power couple vibes are high for Libra this summer so if you’re ready to level up, make it official or show the world what real love looks like your moment has arrived.

STYLE Dress for the life you want this summer, Libra, and you might find it becomes a reality sooner than you think. And if that means full stage make-up and a wedding dress in the frozen food aisle so be it.

CAREER A passion project could become your main gig this summer if you play your cards right. Make a bold decision on the 29 June new moon to set the scene for future success. By mid August you could find yourself in the spotlight.

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