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Horoscopes 14 – 20 July 2022

Patsy Bennett has put together her horoscopes for the week 14 – 20 July 2022. This week’s celebrity birthday is Julie Bishop.

Celebrity birthday: Julie Bishop

July 17, 1956

As new ideas and ventures take her focus, Julie Bishop’s life will take a fresh direction as her perspective gradually changes. Her worldview may even alter to such a degree that she prefers to seek calm and balance in her life and to minimise dramas. A growing interest in transformation both on a personal and global scale will provide the peace and purpose she is seeking.

ARIES | 21 Mar – 20 Apr

The big news is Thursday’s full moon and supermoon as it will kick-start a fresh phase in your career or general direction. For some, this will mean changes in your day-to-day life; for others, in your projects and even status. A positive development at home will be uplifting.

TAURUS | 21 Apr – 21 May

Thursday’s full moon supermoon will shine a light on your projects, and provide a little more stability even if, in the process, you will need to overcome some hurdles, especially financially or regarding shared duties and goals. You’ll enjoy a short trip or catch-up this weekend.

GEMINI | 22 May – 21 Jun

Thursday’s supermoon points to a fresh phase for you, especially with shared responsibilities. You may alter personal and career arrangements. It’s a good time to make changes financially; you could avert a difficult financial circumstance with good communication skills.

CANCER | 22 Jun – 22 Jul

You’re ready to turn a corner in a key relationship, but must avoid a battle of wills as this could become a long-term issue. It’s a good time to bring more of a sense of stability into a relationship, even if a commitment must be made. Research a financial or personal decision for best results.

LEO | 23 Jul – 23 Aug

A fresh daily, work or health routine will provide you with an increasing sense of stability and progress, although there may be a tough call or important matter to undertake first. Avoid basing communications or a particular relationship on assumptions. Instead, be clear of the facts.

VIRGO | 24 Aug – 23 Sept

You can achieve a new understanding with someone close. Be resourceful so that you achieve an agreement based on compassion. However, you may need to offer more than you were initially willing to do. Talks this weekend and early in the week will be productive, so take the initiative.

LIBRA | Sept 24 – Oct 23

Thursday’s full moon supermoon signals a fresh chapter with family or at home. You may need to make a tough call regarding your own personal space versus work or duties. News or meetings this weekend and Monday could be ideal and you’ll soon see that you made the right choices.

SCORPIO | 24 Oct – 22 Nov

This is an excellent week to be proactive with communications and to set a new ball rolling that will improve relationships. A fresh understanding with someone close could open doors to activities you’ll enjoy with like-minded people. A creative or family venture could be ideal.

SAGITTARIUS | 23 Nov – 21 Dec

Thursday’s full moon and supermoon signals the start of a fresh financial or personal commitment. This is a good week to consider how you could better collaborate and share duties with others. News or circumstances this weekend and/or Monday will provide direction on how to do so.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec – 20 Jan

Thursday’s full moon and supermoon will be in your sign, and signals the beginning of a new cycle in your life, especially if you were born mid-January. Events may be intense, especially regarding relationships and finances, so be sure to pace yourself and avoid snap decisions.

AQUARIUS | 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Someone special has your back. You’ll enjoy a pleasant change of scenery this weekend and/or on Monday. A fresh work or health routine will certainly boost energy levels, even if some intense circumstances will merit careful focus. It’s a good time to improve your work, health and finances.

PISCES | 20 Feb – 20 Mar

Your relationship with a friend or organization will undergo changes and strong emotions may emerge but you must avoid a power struggle. For some, developments will revolve around romance: this is an intense time, so perspective. Be practical and romance will thrive.

Horoscopes 14 – 20 July 2022 with PATSY BENNETT

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