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Heartstopper: 10 more queer coming-of-age movies and shows to watch if you loved the new Netflix show

heartstopper, Netflix’s young adult series about a gay schoolboy falling in love with one of the BNOC rugby lads, has resonated far and wide for its cutesy vision of young queer romance. Some have gone so far to suggest that it’s a pioneering work by dint of its unashamed queerness and purity of heart, and it’s nice that such a show has benefitted from a massive platform — but there are quite a few examples along the same lines that have come before it, albeit often a little more niche or less easily accessible.

digital distribution tends to be decent enough that you can find almost anything on a streamer, so the days of smuggling DVDs of Edge of Seventeen or Get Real out of the local library are largely a thing of the past (and, if you need to keep clandestine, incognito windows helpfully exist). With that in mind, these are some great titles old and new that’ll help you get over your post-heartstopper craving

Note: we deliberately didn’t include Call Me by Your Name or moonlight as the preeminent examples of the genre in American cinema, but if you haven’t seen them, do so as immediately as possible.

Get Real (1999)

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Simon Shore’s 1998 romantic coming-of-ager is essential viewing for heartstopper fans. The premise, for one, is remarkably similar, if a touch more tragic as a sign of the times: a gay outsider in secondary school, Steven, falls in love with one of the big-name rugby boys, John. As it turns out, he fancies him back, leading to a bumpy secretive romance marred by the near-impossibility of being openly gay in school in the ’90s. It might not end in such an optimistic light, but Get Real remains a heartwarming take on young queer love. rent on Prime Video.

It’s a Sin (2021)

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