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‘Have tried not to follow the usual pattern of legal movies seen in Mollywood’, says ‘Vaashi’ director

‘Vaashi’, starring Keerthy Suresh and Tovino Thomas, is releasing in theaters on Friday. The film, which revolves around the professional and personal lives of two lawyers, is helmed by debutant director Vishnu Raghav. Before donning the hat of a director, Vishnu has acted in movies like ‘Theevram’. Onmanorama catches up with Vishnu to speak about his debut movie.

Could you tell us a little about the movie?

The entire film is about these two lawyers, Ebin and Madhavi played by Tovino and Keerthy. They share a personal and professional relationship. The movie explores different layers of their relationship. Like you seen in these two posters, both the lawyers end up in two different ends of the same case.

What kind of research has gone into the making of the movie?

When you are making a movie with lawyers,we need to ensure there is no repeat pattern. We have seen many movies with black and white cases and we know which side we should be on. But in Vaashi, it is different. We have chosen a grayer shade, when two people with similar strengths face each other in the court room. Also, the kind of movies with lawyers always tend to be loud. I spoke to a lot of lawyers who told me that the correct nature of a court is never shown in movies here.

Have you mixed politics in the movie?

We are not talking politics in the movie. As a writer, I need to approach the movie from the laywers perspective. I should ensure that my politics or the lawyers politics does not reflect in the court. At court, both Ebin and Madhavi are focusing only on trying and winning the case. I also believe, that this is the ex-factor in the movie. I think you will have to watch the movie to exactly understand what I’m conveying.

When did your association with Tovino begin?

Me and Tovino became close from the sets of the movie ‘Theevram’. I was an actor then and he was the movie’s assistant director. We spoke about doing a movie together from then, but never realized it would take this long.

Did you think that Tovino would become such a big star then?

yes. Because Tovino has always been that hardworking. Everyone knows that. However, then and now, Tovino was always perfect to play the character in ‘Vaashi’. There were two aspects in the movie which I was sure that Tovino could pull off very well.

What about Keerthy Suresh? How did you manage to bring in South India’s leading lady into the movie?

Keerthy has always been a dear friend. We have known each other for long. One day, during a casual conversation with her sister Revathy, I learned that Keerthy was at home in Thiruvananthapuram. When I approached her with the script, she gladly accepted.

Are you passionate about law? Is that why you decided to do ‘Vaashi’?

No, never. (laughing). Why would I be passionate about law. I’m only passionate about the script. The story was told to me by someone else. I only worked on the script. It is not the kind of story, I would have done. Nothing was planned.

How do you see yourself, as an actor or a director?

Even while acting, I always concentrated on what was happening behind the camera. I once read a quote ..’You don’t find your passion, you grow your passion’. I think direction is the path which suits me better. I haven’t acted in several films but yeah, I tend to get overwhelmed and tired after a shoot, but while directing a movie, I never get tired. Even if it requires me to spend very long huours on the sets.

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