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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (17th July)

Sun enters Leo, which makes it Leo season baby! Lion vibe rules, expect the month ahead to be vibrant, dynamic, dramatic, and full of energy.

With a flair for the more artistic side of life, you may feel drawn to a creative outlet, as well as taking the reigns and getting Boss with it when it comes to leadership positions in general.


Trusting yourself is key to success this week. Hesitation kills, so jump into anything and everything that you get a feeling for pronto.


Focus on the heart. This week everything is coming together nicely, enjoy yourself, and ground yourself in it, you deserve it.


You may find that you are more at home with yourself than ever before, which means you’ll find that you work well with others, and be able to recognise possibilities as they present themselves. nice.


You literally have your own mountains to climb, remember that, whether it’s others that are expecting things from you, or you are expecting things from yourself, ease up a little, and shake off any unnecessary weight.


This week, it’s important that you consider that times of great sorrow have the potential to become times of great transformation. Self-awareness is king.


Ride the wave baby, ride it no matter which way it goes. Sure you are having a great week, and you should celebrate the hell out of it, just remember, that this too will pass, as all things good or not so good things eventually do.


There is a promise in the air, that things will be easy from here on out, enjoy the adventure that awaits, and know that there is no major need to plan or schedule too much ahead at this time.


You are at an interesting point where you get the rare opportunity to see that the good and the bad are needed just as much as the other. In this light, you’ll find that you will begin to have a very holistic and integrated outlook on things.


Sometimes there are just too many voices, pulling you this way, and pulling you that way. At times like these, it’s important to step away, so that you can hear yourself more clearly.


Sometimes there is no clarity, and if this is the case, then sometimes you need to take a moment to gain some clarity, and know that this is probably a good opportunity to change things, especially if you find yourself on repeat…again.


If you are in self-protection mode and putting up barriers to prevent yourself from getting hurt. It may be time to let the barriers down, because letting in love is always the answer, not blocking it out.


There are times when you need to find someone whose experience can teach you a thing or two, if you don’t have a ‘teacher’ in your life at present, find one, whether it’s a spiritual teacher on youtube or just a good book , learning something new about yourself is a fundamental to spiritual growth.

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