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Gucci, which took its first steps into the metaverse with the digital Gucci Garden last year, has now entered Roblox to prove its “permanence in digital environments”. Expanding its presence in Roblox with a virtual meeting space called Gucci Town, various mini-games, a cafe and in-game avatars, as well as a virtual store, Gucci has literally built a town in the digital environment. Gucci encourages tours of exhibits in places like the “Creative Corner” at Roblox and the Vault Plaza, while also asking players to discover the “codes” of the Italian brand.

Nicolas Oudinot, Gucci’s Vice President of New Business, told The Verge, “The starting point when designing the experience has always been the community. Accordingly, we envision future developments as an open dialogue between Gucci and its customers. Content creators emerging from the Roblox community. and talent will be within us, and we will fill the ecosystem with new ideas and visual stimuli as our creative messages are forever changing, driven by Alessandro Michele’s ever-changing vision.”

Gucci, which established a global ‘gaming’ academy at the beginning of last week, met with Faceit and the World Health Organization. Increasing its presence in the digital world day by day, Gucci is now on its way to becoming a luxury fashion brand that appeals to all generations with Roblox.

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