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Gemini to gain from business, monetary benefits for Leo

Want to know what’s in store for you today? Well you have landed at the right place to know that things will shape up for you throughout the day. With each zodiac sign being different from the other, it takes a lot of effort to determine the planetary position and come up with the right prediction.

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you today.


Ashwini: You will be more inclined towards spirituality.

Dwija: You will get some good news from children.

Krutika: You will get help from colleagues at office/workplace

Remedy: Offer food to cow.



Krutika: You need to remain cautious in office.

Rohini: Change your behavior towards your partner.

Mrugasira: You will have to work hard at your work place.

Remedy: Recite Gayatri mantra of Sukra



Mrugasira: Your self-confidence will be high

Adra: Possibility of gain in business

Purnavasu: Working women may see a pay hike.

Remedy: Offer some guavas to children.



Purnavasu: Students will find easy to concentrate in studies

Pushya: The financial situation will improve.

Aslesha: You will gift something to your partner.

Remedy: Wear White-coloured clothes.



Magha: You will visit temple along with family members.

Purva Falguni: You will get monetary benefits from some facility.

Uttara Falguni: You will strike positive chord with your life partner

Remedy: Start your day by offering red-marigold to Lord Vishnu.



Uttara Falguni: All your problems will get resolved.

Patient: You will be successful in completing emergency works.

Chitra: Family life will be vibrant.

Remedy: Wear Blue colored clothes.



Chitra: Mind your language while talking to others.

Swati: Be careful during travel.

Bisakha: You will be in trouble while trying to help others.

Remedy: Wear Jantrika Mahakabacha of Lord Shani.



Visakha: Your destiny will favor you.

Anuradha: You are likely to get good news.

Jyestha: You will have good chances of gaining wealth

Remedy: Chant the Gayatri mantra of Maa Mangala.



mula: Obstacles in work will be resolved.

Purva Sadha: You will gain sucess from politics

Uttar Sadha: You will be busy in organizing some religious/spiritual event.

Remedy: Scan Worship



Uttara Sadha: Your popularity will rise in society.

Shravana: You will work as per plan in business.

Dhanistha: You will get good news from distant relatives.

Remedy: Pray to Goddess Sarala.



Dhanistha: You will feel disturbed after getting some bad news.

Satavikhya: Possibility of loss of some valuables.

Purbabhadrapada: Give stress on growth of business.

Remedy: Wear Green-coloured clothes.



Purbabhadrapada: You will get good advice from friend.

Uttarabhadrapada: You will get good results from hardwork.

Revati: People will be impressed by your behavior/nature.

Remedy: Do puja of Lord Krishna

(By Jyotirvid Private Deepak Acharya, Phone-9439050099)

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