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Full Moon in Capricorn July 2022 Meaning & Horoscope by Sign

How do you keep yourself and others from actualizing their potential? On Wednesday, July 13, the Moon will be full within the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn shares similar goals as its “sibling sign,” Cancer, but there is one major difference: Capricorn’s emotionally shut-off and guarded form of expression. Preferring rules and discipline to softness and empathy, the Moon in Capricorn spells out trouble for those that feel jaded or slighted.

Right now, the Sun in Cancer calls for gentle expression and deep consideration, even without fully knowing the facts of a matter. And with the Moon conjunct the planet of destruction and transformation, Pluto, the danger of speaking out of term or subtly wishing for someone’s demise is worth checking. With Neptune and the Sun making a trine, there’s plenty of room for misunderstanding. Uranus, the planet of chaos, also forms a trine with the Moon, so be careful of sabotaging the success of others due to misplaced emotions. Work out your feelings, then act. Beware of being a crab in a bucket.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a reminder that while jealousy, spite, and anger can be motivators, being uplifting and learning to walk away is a higher expression of Capricorn energy. If your feelings are hurt or you were let down, open up your mouth and make yourself heard!

Read your horoscope for the Full Moon in Capricorn:


It’s possible that you’re spending more than necessary, Aries. Lately, you have undergone a significant amount of stress around your home life and family. Incapable of fully putting words to your feelings, you’ve taken to set up a safe place as a means of articulating your discomfort. This Full Moon is granting you permission to care a little less about people’s expectations of you and advocate for what you believe in.


You’re growing into new ways of expressing yourself, which means being open to fresh styles and methods of communication and creativity. There may be people who expect you to remain stagnant, or they may hold onto ideas of how they’ve formerly understood you. It’s best not to internalize those projections. As long as you are consistent with yourself, then you should always be growing!


There is so much power in being able to say “no,” Gemini. No sharing your time, resources, or emotions with situations or people that you cannot afford. Have you ever encountered an argument or conversation that left you feeling exhausted? Scenarios like that are taxing and can keep you from being able to direct your energy where you need it to go. Be intentional with how and when you share.


Concentrate on you, Cancer. As a naturally caring and nurturing soul, it’s often your natural inclination to be extremely attentive, even at your own expense. This Full Moon is a reminder to let yourself let others learn lessons on their own, even if it’s the hard way. You can absolutely be a guide and supportive force in your friends’ lives, just take time to be an observer as opposed to an active participant.


Your intuition is going to bring to light much of what has swirled around your imagination. If you have ongoing premonitions, keep an eye out, because they are likely to start coming true. Please don’t neglect your needs, especially if these premonitions are related to work or your personal health! Ignoring issues can result in detrimental problems, so pay attention to points of concern.


A project or creative venture you’ve had in the works is absolutely worth pursuing, even if the naysayers try to stunt your style. The stars suggest that your dream desires will take time to actualize, and the likelihood of instant gratification will probably be slim. As long as you’re willing to commit to what it is that you believe in for the long haul, you’ll reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Strong boundaries between your family and yourself are necessary to your personal growth, Libra. You truly are a caring and compassionate soul, willing to give yourself fairly to those you love dearly. There is an ongoing call for you to put your energy towards your career and work aims, which will likely take away how much you can provide for family. Try not to take it as a loss; consider it an investment in yourself for the future.


A year of learning how to get out of your own way continues on, Scorpio. Cancer season is a period for learning and deepening your thinking. Becoming more aware of your weaknesses and unawareness helps you develop into a more thoughtful and wise individual. Perspective is a commendable trait, and this Full Moon is granting you permission to express yourself without hyper-consideration.


Your investments are proving themselves to be useful. This is likely not a time for overspending or impulse buying, especially not with an alleged recession about. The stars are advising you to show an awareness to your surroundings. Try to pick up on the collective’s needs and how money will be spend. Investments you make for the long-term can have virtual results.


An unwillingness to hear your friends out can be detrimental, Capricorn. It is likely those closest to you will bring to attention an issue that directly impacts you. Your willingness to hear them out is a reflection of how much you respect their insight and are willing to invest in yourself. It might take a while for you to improve your personal state. Be careful not to misplace your frustration.


Your feelings might be getting in the way of you seeing work clearly. Frustrations regarding your career might be grinding your gears and causing you dissatisfaction. It is possible that it is not your coworkers or actual workplace that is the real problem, but what they symbolize to you. Are you moving in the right direction for yourself? Only you can answer that question, Aquarius.


Letting yourself fall victim of self-sabotoge due to perfectionism is a surefire way to stunt your growth. Dear Pisces, you’re supposed to let yourself fail, fall, and keep trying. The process of growing into your wildest dreams requires ups and downs. Caring too much about what other people think or how your community perceives your choices can keep you from lasting happiness. Chances are you’re being too hard on yourself; very few people are that harsh.

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