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Four Fashion Writer-Approved Swimsuit Trends to Buy Now

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Like nearly everyone on this planet, shopping for swimsuits fills me with insurmountable dread. For years I hated it so much, I succumbed to wearing the same baby pink Juicy Couture bathing suit I had bought in high school — which looking back, was unintentionally very on-trend. But then last summer, I was so excited about getting to travel again and go on vacation, I voluntarily spent an extremely hot couple of days sweating while looking at thousands of swimsuits at Paraiso Miami Beach‘s famous Swim Week. Beauty is pain — especially when it comes to swimsuits.

Maybe it was the fact that I had been locked up in my New York City apartment for what felt like an eternity, but seeing models decked out in retro Emilio Pucci print swimsuitslayering with sarongs horse Poster Girland sporting gold belts at bfyne made me actually want to invest in swimwear that I truly love for the first time in forever.

So this summer, I’ve vowed to not only invest in bikinis and one-pieces that’ll stand the test of time (not unlike my Juicy Couture swimsuit, to be fair) but in swim trends that make me want to pull up to the beach in a full look. From cutout one-pieces that will give me weird, but worth-it tan lines and string-y bikini tops I can wear all year-round, here are the four swimsuits I’m adding to my cart — and four trends worth investing in this season.

Ever since I saw models at the Nia Lynn show wearing bikini tops with so many loose ties that could be worn around the torso, I’ve been beyond obsessed with the look. And then while scrolling on Instagram, I saw Rosalia wearing a strappy bikini by one of my favorite emerging brands, Ottolinger; it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I immediately bought a similar two-piece by the brand and I can barely make it a couple feet down the beach without everyone asking me a million questions about it.

The best thing about the top is that it has so many strings that can be worn an infinite amount of ways. It’s a piece I keep in my wardrobe rotation, even when I’m not on a trip because it’s so great to layer. I need to add this Ottolinger one-piece to my collection, along with any other tie-around swimsuit. It’s one of the only trends you can wear differently every time, which basically means you’re investing in more than one swimsuit for the price of one.

Swim week wasn’t the only place I pulled inspiration for my swim looks this year. Look 40 from the Blumarine spring/summer 2022 show is basically my entire mood board for summer. The second I saw the model walk down the runway wearing a sheer pink top with the brand name bedazzled across her chest, a small pink bikini bottom, butterfly buckle belt, and tall pink boots, I knew I wanted to channel her for the rest of my life.

Of course that’s easier said than done, and while I will be looking for a vintage version of the belt to style for an Instagram photo this summer, I’m not quite sure of the practicality of an actual belt at the beach. Yet, at the Chanel spring/summer 2022 show, models similarly walked down in two-piece bikinis, accessorized with gold belts worn around the stomach and below the belly button. Thankfully, belted swimsuits are everywhere, with built-in belts and buckles that you can swim in. Although I’m definitely going to recommend being as extra as possible by investing in a couple of belts to style on top..

ID: 051822-isa-boulder-gather-one-piece-swimsuit-regular-plus-size-embed.jpg

The most controversial of swim trends is still going as strong as ever; at the Simonett swim show last summer, nearly every swimsuit had major cutouts. It’s honestly never been harder to find a one-piece that makes you look like you fell asleep under a paper snowflake.

And If I’m going to look as though I fell asleep out in the sun beneath someone’s cutout art school project, I’d want it to be in head-to-toe Jesus Boulder. The brand is redefining swimwear and making some of the most imaginative cover-ups, bikinisand one-pieces out there right now, and nearly every piece has some kind of sexy twist (literally) that’ll leave the cutest tiny tan lines all over your bikini line. But honestly, an even tan feels so 2010.

The most recent swimsuit and swimwear trend I can’t stop thinking about involves one of 2022’s most popular accessories: bows. Gigi Hadid’s recent collection with Frankies Bikinis features so many adorable bikinis covered in the cutest little bows, and as someone who is constantly trying to look like a gift, I need it all.

I love the trend because it feels fresh. There have always been one-pieces with cutouts and strappy bikinis, but bows and ribbons feel like details that are reserved for dainty vintage pajama sets and slips from the ’90s. and if owning a bikini covered in them helps me look like an ethereal Hadid sister, what more could I ask for?

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There have been time cruisers, cabin cruisers, skiffs, banana ships, Jet Skis, octagonal tiki barges that floated along under thatched roofs, and yachts—with water slides and without.Tourism Has become one of the region’s largest businesses: the Destin area has more than fourteen thousand rooms for rent, the charter-fishing fleet that is biggest in the country, and a terrible traffic problem. The of the tournament overlapped with the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival, and in my hotel lobby at night T-shirts bearing the slogan “LIONFISH PATROL” clashed with tricornes.Fogg week, Who is thirty-four, wants people to have fun at the Open—he likes the known fact that lionfishing has become a sport, but a casual one. At the time that is same he’s additionally wanting to teach people. This season, he provided top Destin restaurants lionfish that is free in return for their training servers to explain to customers why the species is an invasive pest (and how tasty one can be). Fogg had also set up an given information booth regarding the waterfront. A sea that is veteran explained the lionfish problem to passersby on their way to dolphin tours or funnel cakes. It had taken a while for local officials to realize that ecology could be a tourism draw, Fogg said, but they were beginning to understand the that is potentialCartoon by Edward SteedThe water off Destin ended up being the absolute most shade that is vivid of I’d ever seen. The beaches looked like snow. It took us about half an hour to reach our spot that is intended in Gulf. Coral cannot endure at such northern latitudes—the majority of dives off Northwest Florida are to wrecks or even to constructions that are artificial. Out of sight below us were coops that are chicken have been sunk significantly more than about ten years ago. Fogg wear a wetsuit that is camo-patterned dived in while I put on fins and a snorkel. A few minutes later, he came up with a few lionfish that is small a flounder. “Someone should have hit that reef,” he said, and therefore there have been spearing here briefly prior to. It requires months that are several a lionfish population at a given structure to recover.Figuring out how to use the spear that is pole some work. It absolutely was shockingly fast it, and by accident I shot one over the stern once you released. I was told it would cost me four hundred dollars if it followed the other, so I settled for a two-foot sticking pole when I asked for a longer pole. With a few training, I happened to be in a position to get a handle on its launch. It had three prongs that are nasty the end—far scarier than a lionfish.My prey was floating by the stern of the boat, stunned by the change that is sudden water force. Nevertheless the chop ended up being strong, and I also kept sight that is losing of fish once I was in the water. I tried to kill it times that are several my spear but kept lacking. Within the wavy sea, it absolutely was difficult to align the shot, as simple it seemed. Finally, i acquired close and released the spear. The lionfish twitched quickly and died. We brought it regarding the end of my stick like a party that is discarded.You could say that I’d just helped protect an ecosystem, but I didn’t exactly feel heroic. The artificiality of my spearing experience only underscored the artificiality of the reef ecosystem that is entire. The Destin reefs have been developed by humans—and, them, you’d get rid of most of the lionfish if you got rid of. But, at another point in the day, I could see all sorts of native life swirling around: grouper and snapper, tomtate and angelfish as I stared down toward the submerged modules of a different fake reef. You had to treat the Florida coast like an aquarium if you wanted to keep all this around, maybe. At least Fogg was making the cleanup fun. He knew his audience. He told me, “We added a beer festival this lure that is year—to.”The 2nd of the Emerald Open dawned with even better weather than the first day. Bowman’s team put its boat in the water just before sunrise and was soon out at the reefs. This time, Howard took the group about twenty miles to the west of where they had started the before day. The tanks that Bowman had dived with regarding the very first time have been too cumbersome tall—and she had pulled her back out for her—she is only five feet. On the way in that night, as soon she had called a diver named Josh Livingston, perhaps the most storied lionfish hunter in the world as they were in cell-phone range of the shore. Livingston, who’s thirty-seven, has killed significantly more than one hundred thousand lionfish—“To be honest, it is one hundred per cent advertisement he told me, adding that he’d made a quarter of a million dollars from their sale—but he was sitting out the Open this year for me. It was physically too draining. Informally, though, he was advising the competition that is chief Bowman’s group: the DeepWater Mafia. That groups of four divers from Missisippi: a plumber, a used-car wholesaler, and two contractors.Nevertheless, whenever Bowman told him her issue using the hefty tanks, he got up from their supper and went along to fill some smaller tanks at Howard’s garage for her, then left them. “That’s what makes this community awesome,” Bowman told me. “We are competitive, but we will drop our shit and take care of another team in a heartbeat.”(*)For Bowman’s boat, the day that is second more effective compared to time prior to. Using one plunge, Harris nabbed sixty-two lionfish. Their teammates cheered. Bowman topped down at thirty-one. The dive that is final of day was her worst; she came up with only two fish. “In the end, it’s the luck of the draw,” she said. “We are relying on pinpoints on a map.” In total, Bowman’s team caught nearly thirteen hundred fish in two days—just under the total that is winning 2021. As soon as the competition ended up being over, the combined group headed in singing along to a rap track by Lil Jon, jumping up and down in their wetsuits.(*)They stopped to give a boat that is stranded tow, and did not reach the pier until nine-thirty. They nevertheless had getting their ship out from the water and carry the tanks out and the coolers of fish. By then, the high had evaporated. Bowman was groaning, trying to stretch her back by folding herself across the pier. “The level of exhaustion, frustration, and fear you feel!” she said. “Did we do enough? Should we have done more? It’s now out of our hands.”(*)The next day, Fogg and his staff counted the fish. DeepWater Mafia, which had taken sixth place the previous year, won by nearly three hundred and fifty fish—a victory that is significant. It proved that Bowman have been incorrect: the fish-finder was not exactly what mattered many. This isn’t the fishing exact carbon copy of Moneyball. “There’s only plenty GPS may do after the tally was finalized for you,” Josh Livingston explained to me. He had advised the DeepWater Mafia to prioritize how dives that are many got in. You’d to be away during the reefs early, Livingston stated, and obtain inside and out regarding the water quicker. The DeepWater Mafia finished up venturing out in 2 ships; because of this, each diver managed to average eighteen dives each day, weighed against ten for Bowman’s group.(*)Diving that lots of times in a day that is single be dangerous—you’re more likely to get an overload of nitrogen in your blood. Tim Shivers, who headed the DeepWater Mafia team, acknowledged to me, “A lot of people would call us foolish for diving that much in a day. The limits were being pushed by us.” Shivers said that their group had made a revenue of eighteen thousand bucks, after accounting for the buying price of 2 hundred and fifty gallons of gas. The cost that is environmental of gas did not matter to him. “I’m not a tree hugger,” he said, that he cared about marine conservation.(* though he added)
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