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Florence Pugh’s Gowns in Do not Worry Beloved

Arianne Phillips is the outfit designer behind the closet for the much-anticipated film “Do not Worry Beloved,” which is now out in theaters. Phillips, who was Oscar chosen for her deal with “As soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019) and “Stroll the Line” (2006), worked carefully with director Olivia Wilde, production designer Katie Byron, and cinematographer Matthew Libatique to develop the closet. Phillips relied half on ’50s and ’60s vintage clothing sourced from personal dealerships and half on her own style group to accomplish the desired search for a retro town called Triumph, where the story happens.

Her biggest strength remains in her usage of color, which serve to additional character advancement and set the tone and state of mind throughout the film. 2 centerpieces are the black gown Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) uses in the desert and the white gown she wears at the end as she eliminates her spouse, Jack (Harry Styles), and browses her own escape.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

Throughout the latter scene, things certainly get unpleasant, which is why 5 models of the very same white gown were produced for shooting takes. Phillips names these 2 Alice looks as the ones she was most happy with. “I believe they succeeded in what I was attempting to accomplish,” she states.

Phillips’s procedure is systematic. “I constantly begin with color and shape. I like a color story, which ended up being exceptionally interesting when creating Triumph and our world. Olivia and I invested a great deal of time taking a look at color combinations.”

Alice’s gowns, in specific, accompany each minute that she makes a brand-new discovery. Ahead, discover the intent behind her most stunning gowns.

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