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Flo Milli’s ‘You Still Here, Ho?’ Debut Album Out Now

At first, Thursdays were the new Fridays, at least to anyone who wanted to get their weekend started early. But Flo Milli is ahead of the curve by proposing that we forget Friday all together. The “No Face” rapper tweeted, “F * ck Friday .. might just drop my album @ midnight,” hinting that she may just release her debut album, You Still Here, Ho?, at midnight for a surprise Wednesday release. She followed through with her promise and the new album has arrived early. A follow-up to her mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here?every new album references Tiffany Pollard AKA New York of Flavor of Love and I Love New York, in her intro and outro tracks. Milli is n’t taking on her first record alone; she is also joined by Babyface Ray and Rico Nasty for two tracks, “Hottie” and “Pay Day.” The album was originally scheduled to be released this Friday, but that’s so last week as fans eagerly stayed up ’til midnight for the early release.

The full track list for the new album is below:

1. “Intro HBIC (Tiffany Pollard Speaks)”

2. “Come Outside”

3. “Bed Time”

4. “Hottie” (featuring Babyface Ray)

5. “Conceited”

6. “PBC”

7. “Pretty Girls”

8. “Do It Better”

9. “No Face”

10. “On My Nerves”

11. “Big Steppa”

12. “Pay Day” (featuring Rico Nasty)

13. “FNGM”

14. “Titled Halo”

15. “Outro (I Love New York)”

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