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FASHION Captures the ‘Cosmoprof Award’

Cosmoprof Las Vegas is the world’s biggest beauty industry expo being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from the 12th. FASHION showcased its Pro-Change Black Shampoo and a range of new products which apply the natural browning process of plants to the darkening of gray hair.

The Pro-Change Black Shampoo, MODAMODA’s signature product, nominated as one of the top four finalists from over 1,170 cosmetic brands from around the world, was selected as the final winner in a hair care sector at Cosmoprof Las Vegas.

The Cosmoprof Award is the most prestigious and recognized in the world of beauty, and selects the best products in each category including skincare, hair care, nail care, and make-up, based on the criteria of innovation, and marketability, marketing impact, brand-building potential, and probrand-buildingtivating relationships. Winning this award is expected to place MODAMODA firmly on the map of the global haircare market as a ‘rising star’.

MODAMODA debuted in the US market in June last year after seven-plus years of joint develop seven-plusProfessor Haishin Lee of the Chemistry Department at KAIST ((Korea Advanced Institute of Science). The Pro-Change Black Shampoo is based on polyphenols with natural darkening properties derived from plants and has attracted worldwide attention.The product worldwide darkens white or gray hair without using irritating hair-dye chemicals or pigments.

Aiden Bae, the CEO of MODAMODA, commented, “Due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, this is the first event where we’ve been able to meet with global buyers face-to-face. We feel honored and pleased to receive this prestigious award on our debut,” adding “More and more buyers are visiting our stand after hearing news of the award. I also feel proud to be able to showcase the outstanding technology of a Korean startup to the wider world.” He further noted, “The K-Wave started in the entertainment industry led by BTS (K-pop), Bong Jun-ho (K-movies), and the Squid Game (K-drama), and we are now witnessing its expansion into the beauty arena. Through continuing research and development, MODAMODA will further endeavor to become the leader of K-Beauty in the global market.”

In the meantime, MODAMODA has completed all essential registration and certification procedures, including the US FDA VCRP registration, clinical tests by certified agencies in the US, and WERCSmart – the rigorous product safety verification system required by major retail channels. MODAMODA is now in high gear for an expansion into the North American and worldwide markets.


MODAMODA is a global hair-care company established in April 2021 using proprietary technology based on a patented ingredient for darkening hair. Through joint development with Professor Haeshin Lee of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science), MODAMODA launched its functional hair coloring product ‘MODAMODA Pro-Change Black Shampoo’ in the US in June 2021. The Pro-Change Black Shampoo is a natural product, free from hair-dye chemicals and tar-based pigments. It is based on the principle of polyphenols attached to the surface of hair cuticles undergoing ‘natural browning’ when they come into contact with oxygen in the air. When it was launched, the product received rave reviews from consumers who needed to treat their gray or white hair caused by aging. Over 3.2 million bottles have been sold to date. A series of post-launch live shows on home shopping channels in Korea had record sell-outs. This product is now available in the US, Japan, Taiwanas well as Southeast Asian markets.


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