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Famous Actors Who Have Been In More Than 100 Movies

From his imposing frame to his deep, booming voice, Keith David has one of the most distinctive look-and-sound combinations in Hollywood. It’s not hard to imagine why he’s been cast in so many movies over the course of his career — close to 150, in fact. It also helps that David can move effortlessly between genres, appearing in the wild comedy “There’s Something About Mary,” following it up two years later with an intense drama like “Requiem for a Dream,” and feeling like a natural in both films.

David’s film career started in 1979, and within 10 years he had already showcased his willingness and ability to bounce between genres with movies as varied as “Platoon,” “The Thing,” “Road House,” “They Live,” and “Always ” He also doesn’t let pride get in the way of playing even the smallest parts in movies despite how much success he has had and how big of a name he is. Not surprisingly, his trademark pipes have also made him a great fit for voice work, playing roles in movies like “The Princess and the Frog,” “Coraline,” and the English dub of “Princess Mononoke.”

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