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Euphoria’s Maude Apatow Opens Up About ‘Nepo-Baby’ Label

have proven themselves over the years, so I’ve got to keep going and make work that is good”


These Actors Don’t Let Their Youngsters Watch Their Work

The day “Assassination Nation” star also shared a piece of advice she’s received from her father she’s saved while navigating Hollywood as a breakout star.

“My dad always told me acting is tough she revealed because you never know what’s going to come next. “He constantly encouraged me personally to publish. You are able to shoot a movie and hope it will really work, you do not know the way they’re gonna edit it. Not to have control of the is frightening often, and so I you will need to do other activities.”


Earlier in the interview, Maude confessed that the shadow of her parents and her status that is dubbed as “nepo-baby” drives her to operate also harder which fuels her sense of stress and perfectionism.(*)She admitted, “we do not think of that therefore much, nonetheless it surely drives me personally. I’m myself, so I work extra hard.”(* like I really need to prove)

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