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Enjoy Lizzo Play James Madison’s Crystal Flute

You understand those word salad headings? The ones where you see a lot of apparently random words string together and you go I attempt this to make good sense in the post. Then you read it and you go Fair enough. Well let’s include “Lizzo Plays James Madison’s Crystal Flute” to the record of Huh Headings along with “Meghan Trainor Installs Side-by-Side Toilets in her House,” “Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine in Venice?” and “Werner Herzog Conserves Joaquin Phoenix From a Burning Automobile Wreck” Lizzo played the flute in concern initially at the Library of Congress, where it is saved, then on phase at DC’s Capital One Arena. According to the Washington post, Lizzo had actually explored the Library’s “flute vault,” which includes over 2000 flutes made from such products as jade, gold, and plexiglass. There is proof that the flute Lizzo played was conserved by Dolley Madison in the 1814 Burning of Washington. How did Lizzo pertain to touch such a renowned instrument? Through twitter, naturally. Carla Hayden tweeted about the LoC’s flute collection, which Lizzo RT’d with the caption “IM COMING CARLA! AND IM PLAY THAT CRYSTAL FLUTE!!!!!” Now what was when tweeted has actually occurred.

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