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Empties #42 – Mateja’s Charm Blog site


This is simply a travel size. I disliked this when I initially got it – the factor was TO’s retinol. Now I like it far more. It has a great deal of protection (medium-full), looks great on the skin (generally), has a lots of great components and an SPF 50. It matches my skin more when it’s dry, however I use it in the summer season heat too. 

Repurchase: I got the complete size in a brand-new shade Fair Ivory.

Among my preferred structures. It looks terrific on the skin – it’s light, looks natural-invisible, surface is a natural semi-matte one and it looks great over pores, as it rather fills them up a bit, for that reason offers an extremely smooth base. However I do not utilize this in the winter season when my skin is drier. Regardless of the name, this isn’t a normal matte structure for oily skin. This is the old lightest shade in pharmacies here, which is a smidgen too dark for me and I normally use shade 100. 

Repurchase: Done. 

Among the very best solutions for my skin. It’s natural, fresh and has medium protection, which suffices for me. My skin is dry, so clearly I like such solutions that do not look matte.

Repurchase: Done, this time in a brand-new shade 50,5.


A serum with a medium-strength quantity of retinal, similar to 0.2-0.5% retinol item, however with less inflammation capacity and it’s expected to work quicker. Those couple of retinol items I have actually utilized produced no outcomes and I see no anti-ageing result from this one in regards to minimizing lines or drooping, however I like to comfort myself these a minimum of decrease look of indications of aging. It’s an intense yellow cream that has that colour due to retinal. I never ever experienced an inflammation or inflammation, so it’s a simple item to utilize for me and layer. 

Repurchase: I got the more powerful 10 variation I’m presently utilizing now and my skin looks great.

I utilize this every day. It consists of 0,5% Beta-Glucan and Madecassoside, so this is a skin barrier fixing

item. It’s an extremely light serum that takes in rapidly and is simple to consist of in the regimen.

Repurchase: Done.

Up until now this is the only vitamin C item I have actually seen fading coloring. I have actually likewise like Eucerin’s one, however those vials are so little and I utilized them for far less time. It has 10% Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, a steady variation of vitamin C I like a lot of. Fading was so sluggish I didn’t see it up until I saw contrast images in between a couple of months, however it lightened a great deal of the sun damage from in 2015. It’s a somewhat oily serum that leaves a radiance on the skin, however it’s a light item that can be layered. I’m presently utilizing the pharmacy, weaker Afrodita variation, which has a comparable texture and the exact same variation of vitamin C.

Repurchase: Yes, however I likewise delight in the more affordable pharmacy variation.


BALEA Milder Reinigungs Schaum

A good low-cost cleanser I can get in DM. It’s more fit for my dry skin that Waschgel I utilized prior to, the mousse is fluffy and gets the job done of being a 2nd cleanser, or a private cleanser when I do not utilize makeup. The odor resembles Nivea and strong.

I have actually been utilizing this for a couple of years every day and I credit it as the item that assisted repair the texture of my skin. It’s a light toner-serum item with 95% ferments (galactomyces) and rest are niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin, adenosine and a handful of fillers.

Repurchase: Yes.


ECOOKING Peeling Mask

The only AHA mask I really like. The Normal 30% AHA not does anything on me, however this lastly seemed like something on my sturdy skin. For that exact same factor I believe it will be excessive for a lot of or a minimum of just for those utilized to strong acids. Little pot lasted me a very long time due to the fact that I’m really absent-minded when it concerns acids and I just utilize them when something is incorrect with my skin.

Repurchase: Yes.

This looks excellent on paper, as it consist of Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1. I didn’t get any arise from this apart from my lashes ending up being a lot more persistent to curl. It’s a light serum that didn’t aggravate my eyes and can be utilized under a mascara.

Repurchase: No


L’OCCITANE Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum

I like this serum a lot. Each time I utilize the testers, my skin feels and look so great. However it’s so pricey and it has absolutely nothing remarkable in it. No vitamin C, retinol, bakuchiol, ceramides, niacinamide,… It’s simply has immortelle oil that may be rather anti-ageing. And it has adenosine, so it’s something. I can’t validate purchasing an item at such a cost that has absolutely nothing of note in it, however I sure enjoy my excellent skin days when I have testers. 

Purchase: I’d like to own it, however it’s too pricey. 

CV Vitamin C Enzym Peeling Puder 

I did not like this at all. Call states everything and you blend the powder with a little water, then use it in circular movements and clean off. It’s remarkably drying. My face felt removed of every bit of wetness after usage and fingers could not run efficiently over the skin. It had no visual result on my skin and it wasn’t as efficient as a scrub as Skinfood Black sugar one. 

Repurchase: No.

These are tiny sheet masks that are utilized with UFO, a light-emitting, sonic-vibrating, heating gadget. There’s lots of essence in these, more than a typical sheet mask, so after one treatment with UFO, I squeeze the remainder of the essence from the product packaging on the sheet that’s on UFO and do an additional treatment and even 2. My skin is constantly much softer after these and perfectly hydrated. UFO assists that enormous quantity of essence take in a lot quicker. I do not see a distinction in result in between these 2 variations and while I had issues they break me out, it ended up not to be the case. Just recently my skin has actually had a drought and I understood these are the very best thing in my stash for effectively hydrating my skin and it repairs it in one go. 

Repurchase: Yes.


A nourishing cream that leaves the exact same silky smooth movie on the skin as the hand cream (which I actually delight in utilizing) and it’s an exceptional formula for dry skin. Formula is medium thick cream and for my choices it takes in quick enough, however it’s not in minutes. Nevertheless, I discover that Nivea’s creams have a much better cumulative/long-term outcomes.

Repurchase: Possibly, however I bought Nivea’s Souffle to renew my empty stash and it’s so excellent. 

EVELINE COSMETICS Bonus Soft BioArgan Manuka Oil Face and Body Cream

I liked this a lot. Formula is a traditional cream that takes in relatively rapidly and is nourishing enough. This has a great active ingredient list as it has actually argan oil, honey, oats, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol which’s prior to preservatives and scent that are permitted at just 1% concentration, though the primary active ingredient is mineral oil. It likewise smells great, really comparable to the very pricey L’Occitane Almond body cream.

Repurchase: It’s most likely. I may be sidetracked by something brand-new and glossy, however I actually liked this.


ORIFLAME Scents & Moments Shower Gel

Paradise Daybreak

This is expected to smell like grapefruit, however to me it smelled like mango, so a softer juicy-fruity sweet fragrance. Formula is absolutely nothing unique, however total ok. I like the odor of Soft Cuddle based upon the aromatic page in the brochure. 

Repurchase: They are pricey for the quantity and how rapidly I utilized it up, even when they have discount rates.  

AFRODITA Natural Vanilla Cream Oil Shower Gel

I wasn’t a huge fan of this. Formula was okay, velvety, however absolutely nothing exceptional. The fragrance didn’t agree with me, though it’s a quite fundamental vanilla. I choose their lavender shower gel.

Repurchase: No.

DOVE Nourishing Tricks Bring Back Ritual 48h Anti-Perspirant 

Coconut & jasmine flower

My typical anti-perspirant that I have actually been utilizing for several years. It smells like coconut, however I do not even observe the fragrance any longer. It leaves white marks, however I discover these stick antiperspirant the most efficient kind.

Repurchase: Done.


A liquid, greatest Olaplex that is used prior to n.3. I discover this mix works substantially much better than simply n.3 and I like the method the Olaplex regimen (0 + n.3 treatment + n.4 hair shampoo + n.5 conditioner + n.6 leave-in) enhance the condition of the hair. I saw they lastly enhanced the product packaging by including a spray, given that the nozzle with a small hole is painfully sluggish and inefficient at dispersing the item. I simply loosened the bottle and put it on the hair.

Repurchase: Done.

OLAPLEX No.5 Bond Upkeep Conditioner

It’s not the most remarkable conditioner in regards to noticeable outcomes, however it’s thick and sufficient, though I much choose the mask n.8. I discover this an important item in my regular, given that I bleach my hair.

Repurchase: Done.

JOICO K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor

A protein leave-in I utilize frequently. I stopped utilizing it for a while and I observed my hair began breaking more, so now I do not wish to lack it. It’s really light and does not have an instant noticeable result in regards to making my hair more nourished and less frizzy, however like I stated it has a long-lasting result. One 300 ml bottle lasts a very long time.

Repurchase: Done. It’s now in a various product packaging.


KÉRASTASE Chronologiste Vital Balm Treatment

I disliked this for a very long time, however then utilized it with an acid rinse (1 tea spoon of citric acid in 1 litre of water) and it ended up being a big favourite. It leaves my hair insane soft and sensation terrific, plus the result lasts for days. It’s not the very best at taming my frizz, however just Moroccanoil Smoothing mask makes a distinction. This smells like Miss Dior Cherie without the obnoxious patchouli.

NATURE BOX Repair Work Mask with Avocado Oil

A silicone-free pharmacy mask I really like. It’s nourishing enough due to shea butter high up on the list, however it does not lower frizz.

Repurchase: I choose Pantene, however it’s great if you desire something silicone-free.


GARNIER Color Naturals Crème

9.1 Natural Bonus Light Ash Blonde

I utilize this shade for toning. This formula entirely changed L’Oreal Quality for me. For one they are half more affordable, given that L’Oreal’s rate rose for many years, tones are practically the exact same, formula is okay and as much as I like that L’Oreal conditioner they include their boxes, I now utilize Joico K-Pack Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator right after colouring. I switch the designers with a weaker 3% one, given that I’m toning and not raising the hair colour. I utilize the unused designers from these boxes for cleansing (1 part meal soap + 1 part hydrogen peroxide designer + scattering of baking soda for eliminating persistent spots on material). The conditioner size contributed to packages is pitiful, with just 22 ml. I utilize primarily 9.1 (I have actually consumed a couple of boxes up until now) and I purchase 8.1 as a just-in-case if I do not handle to bleach all that well.

Repurchase: Done

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