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Dwayne Johnson Wishes To Make a Black Adam vs. Superman Film

Dwayne Johnson is certainly on board for more Black Adam installations. When just recently asked by Cinemablend if he has any strategies to make a film where Black Adam battles versus Superman, he stated, “Definitely. That is the entire point of this, guy.”

In the Oct. 10 function, Johnson stated he feels the introduction of Black Adam marks a brand-new chapter for DC. “I have actually been stating for a long time, there’s a brand-new age in the DC Universe that will start,” he stated. “And what I suggested by that was presenting a brand name brand-new character. It’s not a follow up, not an existing IP. It was . . . you understand, Black Adam! 2 years earlier, the world had no concept who he was. We did, however not, you understand, the remainder of the mass out there. Presenting the JSA, presenting that brand-new age of the DC universe. However likewise what I actually suggested by, ‘This is a brand-new age in the DC Universe,’ is listening to the fans. Listening to the fans. And doing our finest to provide the fans what they desire.”

Johnson, who depicts antihero Black Adam in the movie, has actually formerly stired reports of a Black Adam-Superman clash. In a 2021 interview with Overall Movie through Games Radar, he stated, “We can do anything if we keep the audience initially. So to me, there’s a fight that’s going to decrease one day, in between Black Adam and Superman. I do not understand who that Superman is going to be, and I do not understand who’s going to play him. That’s okay. I do not require to understand today. However I’m positive in understanding that [laughs]. Which’s based out of what fans desire. We worked in reverse from there.”

He dealt with the possible face-off as soon as again by declaring that his character is as strong as Superman in a July interview with The Hollywood Press Reporter. “Black Adam has all the powers of Superman, however the distinction is he is blessed with magic,” he stated, continuing, “There were a great deal of components like that that made me feel this is a genuine chance here. I seemed like whatever that I had actually carried out in the past in regards to my profession, all the motion pictures that I had actually done over the years, even the ones that didn’t succeed, all caused this specific function.”

“Black Adam” premieres on Oct. 21.

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