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Duchess Camilla reveals summer fashion staple that leaves her ‘invigorated’

Duchess Camilla has revealed which summery piece of clothing she aims to always keep on her person, just in case she has to make a last-minute outfit change.

Duchess Camilla has revealed that she always tries to carry a swimming costume with her, should the opportunity to jump for a dip in the English Sea ever arise.

The royal icon shared the exciting tidbit during Camilla’s Country Life, an ITV documentary giving royal fans a rare glimpse into the future Queen Consort’s personality as she guest edits the British magazine of the same name. The special edition, which includes a cover captured by Kate Middleton, was printed in double celebration of the lifestyle publication’s 125th anniversary and the Duchess’s 75th birthday.

Speaking on the program on Wednesday evening, Camilla shared a number of insights into her lofty duties as a senior working royal – as well as some fun snippets into her rarely-discussed personal life.

A casual question about her relationship with the water appeared to pique her interest, prompting the regal grandmother to gush about her passion for the popular pastime.

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“I love swimming, and I love the English Sea,” she told the interviewer, adding that she became hardened to its bitterly low temperatures as a young Camilla Parker Bowles.

“I don’t mind the cold, we were so used to it when we were children, it doesn’t bother me.”

She went on to say she feels “completely invigorated” and “so much better” after the “initial horror of stepping in.”

Never one to fuss about where she swims, the Duchess often carries a swimming costume around with her in case the opportunity for a splash arises. Unfortunately, it looks like impromptu dips rarely happen for the busy royal, who spends much of every time these days traipsing up and down the country on public engagements.

“Not that I can swim in many places,” she admits.

Luckily, the next Queen Consort always has access to the watersport when she’s at home. Ray Mill House on Duchess Camilla’s Wiltshire estate has its very own outdoor swimming pool, as does Prince Charles’ private residence, Highgrove House, in Gloucestershire. Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family’s London headquarters located just down the road from the couple’s Clarence House, has also been kitted out with a pool.

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