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Dua Lipa’s Sold-Out ‘It’ Bag Is Back in Stock

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Right now, a majority of the Internet is trying to come up with a spare $2,700 to buy the ‘It’ bag of the moment: Balenciaga’s extremely popular Le Cagole bag. Today, while passing by three different girls carrying a different color Cagole, I spotted a pink, 5-foot version painted on the side of a Williamsburg building, held by a billboard-size Kim Kardashian — all before 10 am. The brand’s modern take on its famous City bag has gone extremely viral, and is the rare kind of bag any girl with an archive fashion collection wants and every top supermodel owns, yet it also has mainstream appeal. But you know what’s even better than the most obvious ‘It’ bag of the season? This under-the-radar ‘It’ bag that’s a Dua Lipa staple — and it’s $2,450 less.

But don’t call Luar’s $235 Main bag an underdog. Named after so many of the important women in his life, Raul Lopez’s Main bag was always bound to be an ‘It’ bag even before Dua Lipa was spotted wearing it this past September. The Brooklyn-based Indie brand Luar is a name to know. Lopez’s first fashion show in three seasons took place last September with a runway in Bushwick after a two-year hiatus. it was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season; you couldn’t find a single fashion editor in New York City who wasn’t talking about the show weeks before it happened.

A day after models walked down the Luar runway in sexy suits with cutout tops and ties, the Met Gala happened for the first time since the pandemic. Sivan of Troye uploaded an IG photo in the Met bathroom (IYKYK) wearing the main bag. A week later, Dua Lipa stepped out in New York walking her dog in a long French coat with a buckle across the chest from look 18 and the main bag that arguably stole the show.

Once the bag was released, it sold out in 2.5 hours, which feels so right for a rare piece of affordable and attainable luxury. Originally from Brooklyn,Lopez told W Magazine last fall that he always wanted to make a brand that wasn’t exclusionary, “Luar is for the culture. It’s for everyone.” The Main Bag isn’t just for Dua or Troye or even Charli XCX, who was spotted wearing the bag before her two sold-out shows in NYC the other week. It’s for anyone who wants the perfect day-to-night bag from a buzzy brand fashion editors can’t stop raving about.

Sure, Luar isn’t quite yet a household name (just give it a few years), but this ‘It’ bag is far from a secret — and Nordstrom just restocked it. there’s the iridescent version for anyone looking to add a major statement bag to their collection and the Ostrich Main bagwhich looks like it’s worth thousands, but is only $30 more at $265. And Norddrom also quietly restocked the black version Lipa wore but it somehow sold out. Thankfully, it’s still available at Fashion Operandi and ssensealthough it certainly won’t be for long.

While we’re not necessarily saying it isn’t worth saving up to buy your favorite designer bag, no matter how pricey, we are saying there’s simply no beating an affordable ‘it’ bag that’s meant for everyone. Twinning with Dua Lipa is just an added bonus.

Shop the Dua Lipa-approved ‘It’ bag before it sells out again, below.

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