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Drew Barrymore Shares Pizza Salad Dish on TikTok

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There is typically absolutely nothing I enjoy more than a goofy Drew Barrymore TikTok. This is the lady who motivated all of us to “head out into the rain” and who sobbed upon finding a concealed window throughout a remodel. However with her current video presenting the “Pizza Salad,” she has actually formally gone too far. I’m sorry, Drew Barrymore, however I merely cannot excuse this habits.

Recently, Barrymore shared her distinct method of consuming pizza on social networks, and it may be the most questionable thing she’s ever done. “If you’re having a day when you’re attempting to not consume the bread,” she stated in the video, as she got a piece of what appears like vegetable pizza, “I simply take the top of the pizza and a little salad, which has generally all the exact same garnishes as the pizza, and after that I make a pizza salad.” By “take the top of the pizza,” she implies that she actually removes the tomato sauce, cheese, and garnishes (here: green peppers and olives) to contribute to a side salad, therefore developing the monstrosity she calls “pizza salad. ”

Given, for those who are gluten intolerant or have other dietary limitations, this might be a terrific life hack. And I am professional including warm garnishes to a salad. However massacring a completely great piece of pizza even if you do not seem like consuming bread? No, that’s where I fix a limit. This is a criminal offense versus pizza, and even Barrymore understands it! “I make certain individuals are going to resemble, ‘How attempt you do this to pizza?’” she stated in the video. “I feel actually guilty about it myself.” To Drew’s credit, she does end the video by taking a bite of a fresh piece, bread and all. Still, as comic Mike Birbiglia commented, “Drew, I’m submitting a suit on behalf of pizza.” I want to sign up with.

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