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Drama involving Becky G’s Tresluce and Araceli Beauty explained

Becky G’s makeup brand Tresluce seems to have found itself in drama after a small business, Araceli Beauty came forward and pointed out the similarities between the two brands. Now, the singer has come forward and defended herself.

The singer has been sharing the journey of her makeup brand with her followers ever since she launched it. However, in June 2022, Becky G had to come forward and defend it after people start calling her out.

Some thought the singer was stealing from a small business, but Becky was quick to come and clear her name.

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Drama involving the brand explained

Last week, Araceli Beauty’s owner, Hola Familía, came forward and spoke about the similarities between her and Becky G’s brand. Hola pointed out that she had always been a fan of the singer and even congratulated her when Tresluce was launched

However, she was taken aback by the similarities both brands had. Showing her 2018 collection, Hola pointed out that her beauty brand had launched an eye collection where the brand story was rooted in Jalisco, formulas enriched with agave, three false eyelashes, eyeliners, brushes, custom stickers ft agave and dahlia, and handmade bag.

She went on to add that the eyeliners that were launched by Tresluce appeared to have similar packaging and color as Araceli Beauty did. Hola also pointed out how some of the packagings had similar designs.

In the end, Hola asked the brand to stop “copying” their creations.

Becky G responds to the accusations

Following the online backlash, Becky G was quick to come forward and defend her brand. In an Instagram post, she noted that the brand is called Treslúce because the number 3 is her lucky number. To add to this, she defended the launch of three liquid liners and lashes stating that it was the theme of the brand.

She went on to further write that Jalisco is known for its agave and represents a rich Mexican culture while the flower pattern was chosen because there is only one national flower.

Becky G stated that all the choices that were made for the brand were by keeping the intention and the rich Mexican heritage in mind. The post further noted: “The mentality of there can only be one” is more hurtful to our community than empowering.”

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Araceli Beauty responds

Araceli Beauty did not seem too pleased by Becky G’s response and noted that they had tried to reach out personally. The brand further stated that they were not trying to own culture but thought that the similarities between the two brands are hard to ignore.

The post ended with Araceli Beauty inviting Becky G to have a personal chat if she wanted to sort things out privately. As of now, Becky G has not responded to this new post.

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