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‘Dr. Strange,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ and More

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  • The multiverse is a longstanding sci-fi storytelling device that features parallel worlds.
  • Marvel’s new “Doctor Strange” movie is the latest hit movie to explore the concept, but it’s not the first.
  • Other movies and series with multiverse plots include “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and “Star Trek.”

With the releases of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” multiverses in fiction are having a moment. Two of the biggest movies of 2022 take on the parallel world-spanning concept, but it’s not a new idea. Filmmakers have been exploring stories related to multiple universes for a long time.

In general, “multiverse” is a term scientists use to describe the theory of multiple universes existing alongside each other that, together, comprise everything that exists: matter, time, space, and the physical laws that describe them. While scientists continue to debate the real existence of the multiverse, tons of science fiction, comic book, and fantasy stories have latched onto the concept.

In the context of popular fiction, you may also hear terms like alternate realities, alternate universes, parallel universes, time loops, and alternate dimensions to describe sci-fi plots related to the multiverse.

With the increasing popularity of multiverse stories in mind, we decided to take a look at some key examples from film and TV, along with details on where you can stream each movie and show right now.

For a title to make our list, it must have at least one parallel universe or alternate timeline that’s key to its storyline. Additionally, all of our picks are “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoesmeaning they have at least a 60% average rating from critics.

Check out the best multiverse movies and shows you can stream:

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