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‘Dopesick’ on Hulu Timeline – A Guide to Real-Life Occasions in ‘Dopesick’

the Hulu miniseries dopesick handles a Burden: Check out and describe the United States’ opioid crisis from the point of view of Purdue Pharma, the business that brought the addicting opioid OxyContin into the market; the attorneys and federal government authorities who examined the business’s deceptive branding of the drug; and the physicians and clients who bore the impact of OxyContin’s disastrous results.

To do so, the series, adjusted from the book of the exact same title by Beth Macy, provides 4 various timelines. One follows the imaginary Bridget Meyer (Rosario Dawson) as a high-ranking Drug Enforcement Company authorities attempting to remove Purdue Pharma; the 2nd follows Virginia district attorneys Rick Mountcastle (Peter Sarsgaard) and Randy Ramseyer (John Hoogenakker) who, in reality, performed their own examination into Purdue Pharma; the 3rd follows Richard Sackler (Michael Stuhlbarg), the previous president and board chairman of Purdue Pharma; and the 4th follows Dr. Samuel Finnix (Michael Keaton) and Betsy Mallum (Kaitlyn Dever), an imaginary Virginia medical professional and his client. While the program’s thesis is clear—by minimizing the addicting qualities of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma added to an epidemic that’s impacted countless americans—the numerous stories suggests there’s a lot to keep an eye on.

To assist understand all of it, listed below you’ll discover a guide to a few of the real-life occasions illustrated in the now Emmy-nominated dopesick. Nevertheless, if you do not understand much about the crisis, be alerted: There are some spoilers for the program ahead.

January 1980

The New England Journal of Medication releases a five-sentence letter to the editor composed by Jane Porter and Dr. Hershel Jick, which would later on be utilized by Purdue Pharma to state that “less than one percent of clients treated with opioids ended up being addicted,” per The Atlantic. The letter points out a single research study, which just took a look at hospitalized clients, and states, “We conclude in spite of that extensive usage of narcotic drugs in medical facilities, the advancement of dependency is uncommon in medical clients without any history of dependency.” jick later on informed the Associated Press“I’m basically mortified that that letter to the editor was utilized as a reason to do what these drug business did.”

Richard Sackler, Michael Stuhlbarg as president of Purdue Pharma.

Gene Page


J. David Haddox coins the now-debunked idea “pseudoaddiction,” which according to wired, thinks that addicting habits is proof of undertreated discomfort, and the service is to recommend a lot more opioids. Haddox would go on to end up being the vice president of health policy at Purdue.

December 1995

The FDA authorizes OxyContin, an opioid painkiller, to deal with moderate to extreme discomfort. The drug enters the marketplace at a time when the United States medical neighborhood is reassessing the method it deals with discomfort.


Purdue Pharma releases sales of OxyContin.


FDA inspector Curtis Wright, who supervised the approval of OxyContin, leaves the firm. The next year, he starts working at Purdue Pharma with a $400,000 income.


Purdue Pharma dispersed an advertising video entitled “I Got My Life Back” to countless physicians, revealing clients who state OxyContin enhanced their health. In 2012, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel talked to 7 of the clients included in the video and discovered 2 had an opioid usage condition when they passed away and a 3rd individual who established an opioid usage condition lost her task and her home prior to leaving OxyContin.


Richard Sackler, the mastermind behind the promo of OxyContin, ends up being president of Purdue Pharma.

Early 2000s

Events of overdose and drug-related deaths start increasing due to OxyContin. according to the FDA“The variety of individuals who confessed to utilizing OxyContin for non-medical functions increased significantly from roughly 400,000 in 1999 to 1.9 million in 2002 and to 2.8 million in 2003.”

February 2000

The United States Lawyer for Maine Jay McCloskey concern a letter to the state’s doctors cautioning about diversion and abuse of the drug. McCloskey stated in a statement for the Senate Judiciary Committee that he then arranged a conference with federal district attorneys, state and federal drug enforcement representatives, regional cops chiefs, and Purdue Pharma executives in September 2000. This exact same year, OxyContin passes $1 billion in sales.

dopesick hulu

Will Poulter as Purdue Pharma sales representative Billy Cutler and Michael Keaton as Dr. Samuel Finnix.

Anthony Platt

April 2001

FDA authorities meet Purdue Pharma to talk about the abuse of the drug, triggering Purdue to suspend marketing of its 160-milligram OxyContin tablet. The Clarion Journal reports: “They interacted on a threat management strategy to assist avoid abuse of OxyContin, that included medical education programs for healthcare specialists, the re-training of sales specialists and the advancement of a nationwide design for a state prescription keeping track of program to avoid ‘medical professional shopping.’”

Spring 2001

The DEA starts an OxyContin National Action Strategy, the very first time in history that the firm “established a strategy to target a brand name particular illegal drug with a concentrate on enforcement and regulative examinations that targeted bottom lines of diversion,” according to the Workplace of the Inspector General.

July 2001

FDA includes a brand-new “black box caution” to the OxyContin label, accentuating its prospective to be misused and abused. It likewise got rid of the sentence, “Postponed absorption as offered by OxyContin tablets is thought to decrease the abuse liability of a drug,” from the label, according to Market.

hulu dopesick

Rosario Dawson as DEA representative Bridget Meyer.

Anthony Platt


Richard Sackler states in a private e-mail that Purdue would require to “hammer on the abusers in every method possible” as “the perpetrators and the issue” of the drug’s diversion and abuse, according to The Washington Post.

McCloskey ends his period as the United States Lawyer for the District of Maine. McCloskey was among the very first federal district attorneys to accentuate OxyContin abuse, according to wired. After leaving the federal government, McCloskey ended up being a paid specialist for Purdue Pharma to deal with minimizing diversion and abuse, per his statement.

Dopesick: Dealerships, Physicians, and the Drug Business That Addicted America

Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America

Dopesick: Dealerships, Physicians, and the Drug Business That Addicted America

February 2002

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions holds a hearing taking a look at the results of OxyContin and “concentrating on federal, state and regional efforts to reduce abuse and abuse this item…”

April 2002

Marianne Skolek Perez’s child passes away from OxyContin usage. As reported by wired, Perez later on purchases an OxyContin pen off eBay, “among the numerous little presents the information group dispersed to physicians by the 10s of thousands” and “an example of Purdue’s aggressive marketing methods.” She likewise establishes the site OxyDeaths.com and tries to handle Purdue Pharma for how it marketed the drug.


Purdue Pharma works with Rudy Giuliani, who simply ended his profession as mayor of New york city City, acquiring extensive appeal for assisting the city through the 9/11 attacks. Giuliani was employed “to assist stem the debate about OxyContin,” according to The New York City Times.

United States Lawyer for the Western District of Virginia John L. Brownlee starts Purdue’s marketing practices. He designates Assistant United States Lawyer Randy Ramseyer and Rick Mountcastle to lead the examination versus Purdue.

dopesick hulu

Kaitlyn Dever as the coal miner Betsy Mallum and Keaton as Dr. finnix

Anthony Platt

January 2003

FDA concerns a caution letter to Purdue Pharma for its deceptive advertisements about OxyContin.


After getting calls from Purdue attorneys, then-Deputy Attorney general of the United States James Comey calls Brownlee to inquire about his examination. According to an excerpt of dopesick released of PoliticoComey informed Brownlee: “Return to Virginia and do your case.”

Might 2007

The examination ends in a plea contract. Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to criminally misbranding the drug and misrepresenting its dangers of dependency. 3 of its magnates plead guilty to misdemeanor “misbranding” charges, and the business and the executives pay a combined fine of $634.5 million, according to the times. Purdue likewise confesses that the business trained sales agents “to inform physicians that OxyContin was less addicting and susceptible to contending opioids, declares beyond the one authorized by the FDA,” per the times. While district attorneys advised felony charges for the magnates, which might have led to jail time if they were founded guilty, Justice Department authorities did not follow the suggestions.

dopesick hulu

Stuhlbarg as Richard Sackler.

Gene Page

April 2010

The FDA authorizes a brand-new formula for OxyContin.

September 2019

Purdue Pharma applies for personal bankruptcy. At the time, the business and members of the Sackler household were dealing with 3,000 arguments for adding to the opioid crisis, according to the New York City Post.

October 2020

Ending a long federal examination, Purdue Pharma accepts plead guilty to criminal charges associated with the marketing of OxyContin, defrauding federal health companies, and paying unlawful kickbacks to doctors, according to the times. Per the paper, the business dealt with charges of approximately $8.3 billion, the biggest troubled a pharmaceutical maker. Members of the Sackler household likewise accepted pay $225 million in civil charges, a little portion of their approximated $13 billion net worth.


In August, Richard Sackler informed a court that neither Purdue nor the Sacklers was accountable for the opioid epidemic. In September, a federal judge authorized Purdue’s “personal bankruptcy reorganization strategy,” which would solve countless opioid-related arguments versus the business and secure members of the Sackler household from future associated lawsuits, according to the New York City Post. (NPR reported the household would not be secured from criminal charges, just civil suits.) The strategy, per the post, was to liquify Purdue and move properties to a brand-new business “owned by a trust go to fight the opioid epidemic” and have the Sacklers contribute $4.5 billion. The settlement was then appealed by 8 statesand in December, a federal judge reversed the settlement.


This March, the Sacklers accepted pay $6 billion in a brand-new, initially-approved settlement offer, which would still secure them from all associated civil fits. Nevertheless, “it would not avoid the federal government from pursuing criminal charges versus family members if the federal government chose to do that,” per NPR. Throughout legal procedures that exact same month, victims of the opioid crisis had the ability to speak straight to the Sacklers for the very first time. “I’m uncertain how you live every day,” Kay Scarpone, whose last Joe Scarpone passed away of an opioid overdose, informed the Sacklers. “I hope you request God’s forgiveness for your actions.”

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