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Does Jerry Seinfeld Look Hot in Kith?

who is the person that is first think of when you think of streetwear? Is it Jerry Seinfeld? Me neither, but here we are.

The Comedian is the real face of Kith’s autumn 2022 campaign, showing up across a few pictures in an array of ball caps (including a Mets cap, needless to say), printed overcoats, letterman coats, and jeans which can be, honestly, tight. And you can find a complete lot of fans of this campaign. In fact, some of my colleagues that are dear discovered this campaign become … hot. “Could we BE any longer drawn to him,” one editor that is courageous our entire style team. How brave to be so bold in such a forum that is public. And there have been jokes too. Derek man tweeted, “how do you do other kiths?” with a graphic of Seinfeld. Desus Nice tweeted, “eric adams wanted that KITH! photoshoot. you understand this.” We can say for certain this. Perhaps Adams next, Ronnie Fieg?

Sure, Seinfeld could possibly be considered a method symbol in their own right, dependent on whom you ask and in case we are experiencing a little nice, but unfortunately, these pictures served nothing that is me. Perhaps one or two photos might be enough to elicit some semblance of thirst they pale in comparison to the other campaigns Kith has run highlighting men of a certain age from me, but. Steve Buscemi in a Kith that is striped cardigan by flowers? yes. the late Ray Liotta in a sequence of mobster-esque tracksuits for the Kith and Bergdorf Goodman collaboration? big yes. Jerry in a jacket that is floral thin jeans, teetering on a set of platform sneakers? It is a no himself just isn’t my cup of tea — ie, I will not forget nor will I forgive when he reportedly

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