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Do Not Worry Beloved: See Alice’s Diamond Engagement Ring

A couple of elements of “Do not Worry Beloved” are ensured to leave audiences reeling: the wild plot twist, those provocative Harry Styles scenes, the haunting soundtrack, and Florence Pugh’s amazing efficiency. However upon leaving the theater and even days later on, we discovered ourselves fantasizing about another lesser-discussed information: Alice Chambers’s stunning engagement ring.

In the extremely gossiped-about mental thriller, Pugh’s Alice uses a fancy diamond ring that’s tough to neglect as she consumes poolside, stores with good friends, cooks for her partner Jack, and diligently cleans her house from leading to bottom. For beginners, there’s the large size of the diamond, which almost uses up the width of Pugh’s whole ring finger, however the cut is likewise exceptionally distinct. It’s formed like a rhombus, with 4 sharp points highlighted by prongs — not almost as typical as other popular cuts, such as round, princess, or oval. The band is flat, gold, and ingrained with smaller sized diamonds extending from the primary stone midway down the band. In general, the style isn’t always a sign of the 1950s, the years throughout which the majority of the movie is set, however nonetheless, it’s a stunner.

There’s most likely a much deeper significance to Alice’s ring beyond its surface-level charm. It fits right in with the ploy of her apparently picture-perfect life in the business town of Success, where the sun is constantly shining and her primary goals are ensuring the supper roast hurts, the windows are streak-free, and the bath tub is pristine. In the real life, Alice’s partner is a jobless, ratty-haired recluse who could never ever manage such a luxurious piece of precious jewelry — possibly it’s a tool to please her and sidetrack from growing suspicions about the simulation that is Success?

Last But Not Least — and this may be a stretch, so hear us out — the ring’s untraditional diamond shape might likewise be a reflection of Alice’s determination to go versus the grain. Besides Margaret (KiKi Layne), she’s the just one brave enough to call out Frank (Chris Pine) for what he is: a gaslighter, a misogynist, and a scams. And she’s the only homemaker to effectively leave the alternate truth alive (RIP Margaret).

Naturally, the above hypotheses are simply that: hypotheses. We cannot verify whether these were costume designer Arianne Phillips’s intents, as she was n’t offered to talk about the matter with POPSUGAR, however they’re fascinating theories to mull over as you absorb the motion picture. And even if you do not purchase into our musings, there’s no rejecting the ring is a one-of-a-kind scene-stealer. Appreciate the standout piece ahead.

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