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DnD Beyond was used as reference for new Dungeons and Dragons movie

The directors of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, which has the subtitle Honor Among Thieves, have been discussing firing up D&D Beyond on set to answer any burning questions they may have about characters or lore. The movie will be released in March 2023.

John Francis Daley, the co-director of the upcoming fantasy movie, starred as Sam Weir (younger brother of Linda Cardellini’s Lindsay) in Paul Feig and Judd Apatow’s comedy series Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000). He started playing D & D to get into his role as an 80s geek, and still maintains a campaign to this day.

Believe interview with Fandom, the directors were asked how often they used the Forgotten Realms Wiki, Daley answered; “a ton, sometimes on set,” noting how fortunate he was to have bonafide D&D expert, Ashley Alexander of E1, as a producing partner who knows “way more than I do” and was “an invaluable resource.”

Producer Jeff Latcham added; “I think we also all had all-the-time access to D&D Beyond,” and notes how they would sometimes stop filming in the midst of a scene to cross reference causing the actors to go, “what’s happening?”

Daley added; “I wish there was a D&D Beyond equivalent to every movie that we make because it would answer a lot of questions that we have.” Daley has previously directed comedy movies Vacation and Game Night.

Describing playing D&D, Daley said; “It’s just such a unique feeling. The first time I ever played, I just realized that it was unlike anything I’d ever done before and I understand the appeal. It’s almost like a drug, this game, because there’s so many possibilities and so much fun socialising and creating these bonds that you would otherwise never create from a normal conversation.”

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