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Director Alice Diop on Her Venice Movie Celebration Winner ‘Saint Omer’

Winner of the Silver Lion Grand Jury reward in Venice, Alice Diop’s trip de force Saint Omer follows an author who ends up being consumed with a female who has actually dedicated an unimaginable criminal activity. Rama (Kayije Kagame), whom we initially see teaching a class on Marguerite Duras, takes a trip to another town to go to the trial of Laurence Coly, who has actually been implicated of leaving her infant to die on a beach. Through their shared Senegalese backgrounds and scholastic pursuits, Rama relates to Laurence– a PhD trainee who strikes a placidly bold figure in court, amidst elitist and racist mindsets. And in a welter of feelings, she muses on the possibility of motherhood, with a kid en route herself.

Saint Omer premiered this previous week at the Venice Movie Celebration, more usually called a magnificent display for fall films like White Sound or The Whale— however Diop’s work should have the exact same attention. (It evaluates next in the Toronto and New york city movie celebrations.) Based upon the real story of Fabienne Kamou and partially made up from court records, it’s a multilayered motion picture that feels irreducible. Diop remodels our concepts of courtroom drama and stirs in scenes with Rama’s mom and partner, in order to review household, justice, identity, selfhood, and memory. Diop’s previous movie, We, won a leading award at the Berlin Movie Celebration for its thoughtful panorama of primarily black and immigrant neighborhoods living along a French railway.

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I talked to Diop on the Lido in Venice, and it was all her translator might do to stay up to date with her. After speaking about the documentary master Frederick Wiseman– Diop informed me she utilized a monologue from his 1975 traditional Well-being for auditioning her stars– we went over the complex destination the story held for her.

How did you initially come across the story of Fabienne Kabou?

The story began with a photo that I saw released in Le Monde It was a rough photo drawn from a security video camera in Gare de Nord in Paris. You saw this lady who was pressing an infant in a stroller. The body of a kid had actually been discovered on a coast in the north of France, and this image was released on notifications searching for Kabou all over the nation. And I right away felt a familiarity with that face. I understood from her functions that she was from Senegal, which is my household’s background too, even prior to they stated she was from Senegal. When I found out that she was the mom who had actually eliminated that little infant, my interest ended up being a genuine fixation. I had to go to the trial to attempt to comprehend.

I discovered myself fascinated by this uncomfortable scenario, together with all the ladies who existed, too– participants, legal representatives, judges, reporters, the majority of us were ladies! I wished to discover responses to my own intimate concerns that I had actually asked myself about my relationship with my own mom and being a mom myself. And I chose that because I shared those exact same feelings with a lot of ladies, if we were all so consumed with that occasion, it suggested there was something universal in the story, which related to motherhood. So I chose to make a movie about it.

Fabienne Kamou’s story highlights all these responses– she’s an item of morbid fascination, and in the movie she practically ends up being a figure of resistance on the stand– however how do you see her?

You can’t identify what this lady is. “She’s a psychopath, she’s manipulative. she’s entirely insane.” She’s all of those things together. However I didn’t wish to pass any judgment and provide responses to those concerns. I simply wished to reveal the intricacy of that human, which is what interested me one of the most.

How did you cast the lead stars, Kayije Kagame as Rama and Guslagie Malanda as Laurence Coly (the Fabienne Kamou character)?

I fulfilled them at the exact same time when I was starting to compose the movie script. When it comes to Kayije, I discovered myself in Geneva speaking about a documentary of mine. She raised her hand and asked a concern, and I was right away enthralled and amazed by this lady. I asked to take a photo of her since I was making the movie and she let me. I fulfilled [Guslagie] at a supper and I understood there was something really effective [about her], as if she was haunted by something. So the echoes of their images remained in my mind while I was composing. They were the very first ones that I required the very first auditions.

Alice Diop presents with the Lion of the Future Luigi De Laurentiis Venice Award for Saint Omer on September 10, 2022 in Venice, Italy.

Image by Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images

I kept thinking about Marguerite Duras while viewing the movie and its method of assessing the past. Could you discuss her impact?

It is undoubtedly an extremely Marguerite Duras movie. It’s a spirit that in some way pollutes the movie at various levels. Rama being an author and mentor Duras throughout her lecture is most likely what triggers her to go to the trial. he believes she may get motivation from Laurence in order to feel the qualities of the lead character in the unique she is composing, all her obscurities. However she recognizes she is neither a victim nor a wrongdoer. And it upsets her since this stimulates concerns that go far beyond her literary interests.

Among the motion picture’s layers is a batch of house films from Rama’s past. Where did these originated from?

These are reconstituted archives– entirely imaginary, with stars. However the referral point was my own household’s archives, which I utilized in my last documentary, We, and the cultural elements that I understood well about life in a Senegalese household. My mom is not like the mom of Rama, naturally, however there are things I obtained.

You stated the motion picture came out of a fascination. Do you do not hesitate from that fixation now that you have made the motion picture?

I feel that the procedure of composing and recording assisted me to review and comprehend rather individual and intimate things. However I would most like that everybody has the ability to analyze their relations to their household, kids, motherhood.

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