Valentino staged a dreamy couture show on the Spanish Steps last week. The fashion show, which brought people to the streets and to the windows of the buildings, ended with a big round of applause. The fashion show, which fascinated the audience, turned Rome into a festive atmosphere. It seems that the fashion show, which everyone was watching with admiration, did not seem to make Dior very happy. Christian Dior Roma store manager, who sent a letter to Valentino, complained about the fashion show and the crowd. The manager of the Dior boutique on the corner of the Spanish Steps requested a payment of €100k from Valentino within 15 days.

Valentino, who for months had sought permission from the Roman police and other authorities to hold a fashion show on the Spanish Steps, sent a letter on June 27 promising that sales and traffic would not be affected by the surrounding shops. According to Dior’s statement, it was stated that the events on the day of the fashion show were not like this at all, and it was added that the store traffic was affected.

Dior stated that access to its boutique was “blocked” and customers “restricted access and barriers were closed” so that the store “was empty and could not operate in the early afternoon.” He stated that if the amount is not paid, he will take all necessary measures to protect his rights.

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