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The shoes had been known as the Dior 62-22, in mention of the 1962, the Vivier first designed this model while working for Dior year. The embroidery, they also incorporate technical elements inspired by the research done in the D-Air lab* laboratories while the designs detail. Pieces that refer to days gone by while the future are finalized with this specific touch on timeless silhouettes.

Mimosa plants, that are prepared one after the other, increase by wrapping the heel associated with footwear, in the same way if they’re growing from a root. The pearl-detailed, coral-patterned variation is adorned with a tassel regarding the nose; Another model caused turquoise rocks on a transparent internet resembles a burst of light. Bringing a movement that is poetic life, all these designs reveal the high level of craftsmanship in the Dior workshops.

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These dreamy embroideries come with a hi-tech strap that fits seamlessly around the wrist, like an strap that is adjustable. Crafted utilizing an neoprene that is ultralight this lacing system, with fluorescent yellowish stitching motivated by the bike globe, puts the Dior 62-22 footwear on a timeline that offers history and innovation.

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