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Demi Lovato Drops ‘Substance’ Music Video With Paris Hilton

Can somebody get Demi Lovato a map, maybe? Or at least a compass? They might the only person looking for substance around here, so if we could get them some help, that would be great. Demi Lovato released their new single “Substance” today, along with an accompanying music video co-starring drag-queen impersonator Demetria Cherry. The song is of the now–de rigueur “pop-punk pastiche” variety that we can thank MGK for ushering back in and Olivia Rodrigo for blowing up. But don’t forget which Disney star did it first. “Am I the only one looking for substance?” Lovato asks across the chorus. For Lovato, the lyrics evoke their substance-abuse issues, which have been so well documented in the public eye, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun in the video. Lovato wears an Edna Mode–style wig and wreaks havoc on a variety of set pieces, beginning in a boardroom, where they disturb men in suits by getting on the table (Perfume Genius x Demi when?) and ending on a motorbike with Paris Hilton holding some dynamite. that’s hot.

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