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Cyberspace Is Divided Over Chris Pine’s locks

With most of the buzz and drama surrounding the premiere of Olivia Wilde’s brand new movie, Don’t Worry Darling, two sides are developing: are you currently a fan of Chris Pine’s long, blond locks, or would you choose one thing faster?

Pine went to the Venice Film Festival throughout the week-end aided by the movie’s cast and team including Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. Their entire appearance revolved around their statement-making locks: shoulder-length and highlighted blond with tips of grey and chestnut brown, and ombré concludes flipped up like that they had been expertly sculpted with a brush that is round. His hair right now is parts that are equal and beauty. Rightfully, online does not learn how to feel.

For some, Pine’s brand new locks size assists finally offer him an identity outside of the other Hollywood Chrises (Pratt, Evans, etc).

Others feel just like their bob that is blond is statement made in solidarity with his costar Florence Pugh, who has been at the center of drama surrounding the Don’t Worry Darling press tour.

It’s safe to say that men and women alike will be asking for the “Chris Pine” cut and color at their salon that is next visit.

But not everybody prefers Pine with long, Brad Pitt–esque locks.

It is noted that Pine is using their hair long and shaggy for months now. He told Entertainment Tonight back in March that their look that is new was parts laziness and equal parts something I may do in the future here.” He continued, “If there’s any excuse not to shave and have makeup put on, I, you know… .” Relatable!

His hair was accompanied by a salt-and-pepper that is full previously this season, but he shaved it well within the springtime.

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