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Cult Buy: The Fashion Label Behind Alexa Chung’s Sell-Out Met Gala Stilettos

Every now and again, a brand will come along that hits the Zeitgeist on the head. This one, you will have probably already caught a glance of on a Sunday evening shopping scroll. Or, perhaps you were flashed when whizzing through Instagram. World, meet the style set’s latest fashion catnip: Mach & Mach.

Based in Tblisi Georgia, the brand was founded in 2012 by two sisters, Nina and Gvantsa, and has already gained cult status with a new generation of taste makers. From Dua Lipa — a devoted fan — and Kylie Jenner to Alexa Chung, who just wore a pair to the Met Gala, celebrities swear by the sell-out pieces, and have become a permanent fixture in their wardrobes.

Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili

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“We design for those who want to have fun, experiment with their style, color and texture and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd,” say the designers. “We use fashion to make a statement, and believe our collections provide every girl an opportunity to make a statement when she walks into a room.”

A victim of their own success, getting your hands on a pair of the sparkling stilettos ranks up there with getting a hold of collectible sneakers and Glastonbury tickets — it’s winning the fashion lottery. But it comes as no surprise, as the pumps, with their instantly recognisable treasure-trove decor, are an easy sell for any glitter (and shoe) fanatic. They’re a testament to the mood of the season: go out-out or go home.

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