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CREEM Magazine Announces First Print Issue In 33 Years

iconic cream magazine has revealed a preview of its first print issue in 33 years. An audacious revival of a print rock ‘n’ roll magazine in 2022, cream returns as an oversized subscription-only premium quarterly on September 15. The feature previews here illustrate their breadth of coverage — bringing back classic columns like “Stars Cars” with slash and THE WHOas well as newer faces like VIAGRA BOYS and SPECIAL INTERESTwith more to come.

They also released a new Boy Howdy! cartoon This fever dream of a joyride follows the return of the cream mascot and rock icon from the clutches of death 33 years ago, aboard a headless bat, then a heaven-bound rocket ride on Lester Bangs himself. Created in partnership with animation studio lobooriginal music and SFX by Human Worldwideand title/editorial help from Uppercut Editthe animation is laden with breadcrumbs that’ll keep fans watching and rewatching to test their rock ‘n’ roll chops.

the new cream magazine will cover multiple generations of innovative artists with contributors ranging from established writers and photographers to up-and-coming new voices. It will embrace the best of rock ‘n’ roll, as a mentality rather than genre — the biggest bands of all time and records no one has ever heard of, trusting their readers like no other.

Founded in 1969 Detroit, cream grew from underground paper to national powerhouse — an essential source of music journalism for 20 years. It reflected and shaped the culture, cultivating some of the most writing talent of the era — like Lester Bangs, Cameron Crowe, Patti Smith, Robert Christgau and Jaan Uhelszkiwho now returns as editor.

Subscriptions also come with a free digital archive of every issue from cream‘s original 1969-1989 run. With 224 issues and 69,000 photos, articles and reviews, the archive may be the most significant cache of rock ‘n’ roll history ever shared online at one time.

The critically acclaimed 2020 documentary “Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll Magazine” earned praise everywhere from The New York Times to “CBS This Morning”. today, Creem Entertainment is led by former Vice publisher John Martin as CEO, alongside chairman JJ Kramer (end of original cream co-founder and publisher Barry Kramer) and original editor Jaan Uhelszkione of the first women to work in rock journalism.

the new cream editorial staff includes VP of content Fred Pessaroformerly of Vice‘s noisey; executive editor Dan Morrissey from Entertainment Weekly; and senior editor Maria Shermanfollowing her work at NPR, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Jezebel, Netflix, by hand and her critically acclaimed book “Larger Than Life: A History Of Boy Bands”. Editorial director Dave Carnie has worked with “Jackass”, ESPN, “Big Brother” and penthouse. photo editor Matt Salacuse has photographed everyone from Jay Z to “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (Panthera) for Esquire, XXL and beyond. Grace Scott joins as associate editor after her work with Vice and the Toronto Starand Zachary Lipez as editor at large, following his work with pitchfork, The Washington Post and more.

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