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Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Updates On Squid Game Season 2 – UPS Mag

The highly expected 2nd season of Squid Game is completion that is nearing according to creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, with the entire series perhaps arriving by the end of 2023.
In a new interview with Vanity Fair published Wednesday, the director and writer of Netflix’s global blockbuster put up a possible release date for the streaming series’ sophomore run, pointing to late 2023 or somewhere in 2024. “Those games are going to put humanity to the test once again,” Hwang said of the show’s return.

During the conversation, the Squid Game creator — who, according to writer and author RO Kwon, “only has around three pages worth of ideas that he hopes to make into a script” — also discussed how the season that is upcoming vary thematically from the predecessor .
whenever expected in the event that results of season you could have now been various if players had been less “focused on planning to destroy one another down,” Hwang stated, that we could have seen more winners if they were capable of talking to one another, of cooperating with one another.”
During“ I do agree that there could have been a possibility Season one, the writer-director left the possibility of players collaborating to survive the games as a combined group ready to accept interpretation. “I would like to deal with the problem, ‘is solidarity that is true people possible?’” Hwang says in the round that is next of.

Hwang Previously expressed some basic ideas for new topics he’d want to explore through “some other stories in the series that have not been handled” in season one in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. That includes the Front Man narrative, though Vanity Fair said that one was still a “maybe” at the right time.

“Take, as an example, the tale associated with officer and their sibling, the leading Man.” So, he remarked if I end up making a second season, I’d like to investigate that topic — what’s going on between those two brothers. “And then I could tell you about that recruiter in the suit who plays ddakji with Gi-hun and gives him the card in the episode that is first*)“Of course, we’re able to continue with Gi-story hun’s he added as he turns back and explore more about how he’s going to handle his reckoning with the guys designing the games. “So, I don’t know yet, but I’ll just say there are a lot of options for season two plots out there.”

Season 2 of Netflix’s Squid Game to premiere in 2023?

Hwang Dong-hyuk also noted how the season that is first experienced one or more champion if individuals was less concentrated on killing one another. “I agree totally that I believe we could have seen more winners,” Hwang added.

While if they were capable of communicating to one another and cooperating with one another Gi-hun has been confirmed to return, Hwang has also claimed that the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) in charge of the games will play a larger role. “I want to explore the issue, ‘is solidarity that is true people feasible?” he continued.(*)

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