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Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero named as co-curators

Initially, the pair will spend time traveling around Australia meeting as many artists and non artists as possible as they formulate their ideas for the festival.

Both said it was too early to reveal even broad themes for 2024 but they were excited at the prospect of sparking discussion and fresh ideas.


“I think it’s too early for us to say what we hope to achieve here,” Guerrero said. “But I think, in general, what contemporary art, in a platform like this, can hope to be doing is to bring together conversations and individuals. Everything else from academia to cinema, to media has different, narrower sort of like paths for entry, whereas contemporary art has somehow set itself up as a place where different positions can be brought together; it can then facilitate, create vocabularies and images of imagining things differently.

“There is this great potential to put, in the public sphere, different ways of looking at things, different ways of naming things, different ways of imagining things.”

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