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Colorblocking French-Manicure Trend For Summer

Trying a new nail design is one of the easiest ways to experiment with your look. Every season brings a new set of trends, ranging from over-the-top, maximalist designs to more understated, minimalist options. One of the hottest summer nail-art trends of 2022 is colorblocking french manicures, and the look is easy to get at home or the salon.

Unlike some nail-art looks involving intricate, hand-painted designs, the colorblocking french manicure trend is a twist on the classic. “Instead of doing the traditional pink and white, use pink and a bright color,” Tammy Taylor, celebrity manicurist and brand founder, tells POPSUGAR. “Or mix and match your favorite colors in a colorful french style.”

French manicures have taken on many different forms over the last few years, and this take on the two-toned nails is relatively uncomplicated. There are no double-french or swirly, abstract designs — the only change is the nail-polish colors. To really keep your nails on trend, consider some color combinations from the season’s top nail-polish trends, such as green, blue, white, and chrome.

Get inspiration for the colorblocking french-manicure trend ahead.

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