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Ciara’s Baby Braids Hairstyle Is So ’90s

Image Source: Getty/Steve Granitz/Contributor

If you need any more proof that baby braids are the ultimate ’90s hairstyle, look no further than Ciara’s most recent Instagram Story.

The singer posted a picture of herself while attending a concert with her family, and her long, jet-black hair was styled into loose waves. Adding to the look’s bohemian-chic feel were four baby braids placed at the front of her head, framing her face perfectly. Baby braids have seen a huge resurgence since the rise in popularity of the ’90s aesthetic. They have been seen on other celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Jordyn Woods.

If you feel like giving the baby braids hairstyle a try for yourself, it’s incredibly simple to re-create. Just take two small sections of hair from the front of your head and weave the pieces into two tight, identical braids. Then, secure the ends with a small elastic for an effortless feel. If you do want to add some color or accessorize the look, however, you have options. “Colored elastics are a great way to add some dimension with pops of color to your hair look and can be done in an easy couple of minutes,” celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko previously told POPSUGAR. Take it a step further and add small butterfly or mini claw clips á la Olivia Rodrigo and you’ll look like you stepped right off of a Coachella stage.

Take a look at Ciara’s hairstyle ahead.

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Image Source: Instagram user @ciara

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