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Check What Your Zodiac Sign Holds For You Today

Wondering what the stars hold for you in terms of your love life, career and personal wellness today. Find out the astrological prediction for your zodiac sign for May 31.


Ashwini: Active nature will help in work progress

Dwija: Quality time spending with family indicated

Krutika: You will get benefits from others’ help.

Remedy – Visit Hanuman Temple.



Krutika: Be attentive at workplace as your rivals may increase.

Rohini: You will overcome all obstacles to reach your goal.

Mrugasira: Stars indicate some tension in family.

Remedy- Offer prayer to Goddess Kamala for good fortune.



Mrugasira: You will plan to start a new venture.

Adra: With little help, you will start work on pending work.

Purnavasu: Be calm, as you can solve all your problems with a stable mind.

Remedy- Chant Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Tripura Sundari.



Purnavasu: You might plan to start a new business venture.

Pushya: Students will be appreciated for their good work.

Aslesha: Those who are in the business and trade sector will gain success.

Remedy- For good luck, wear Goddess Bhubaneswari Jantrika Kavach.



Magha: You will receive help from a woman during your journey.

Purva Falguni: You will get phenomenal success in the financial sector.

Uttara Falguni: Students will excel in exams.

Remedy- Chant Mula mantra of Lord Ram.



Uttara Falguni: You might face obstacles at your workplace.

Patient: Clash with higher-ups or those in power very likely.

Chitra: Some health-related issues might trouble.

Remedy- Chant Tripura Sundari mantra for good fortune.



Chitra: You will get help of friends to complete important work.

Swati: You will enjoy inner peace.

Bisakha: Quick decisions in business will give good results.

Remedy- Visit Lord Shiva’s temple for good luck.



Visakha: Today is a good to buy a house or land.

Anuradha: You may be able to recover your money back from the borrowers.

Jyestha: You will work in a planned manner.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Goddess Charchika.



mula: Relationship with life partner will be good.

Purva Sadha: You may generate new income sources.

Uttar Sadha: You might receive some good news.

Remedy- Wear Creamy color clothes for good luck.



Uttara Sadha: You will be under financial pressure due to unexpected bills at work.

Shravana: You might be disturbed over some issues.

Dhanistha: Don’t trust unknown persons.

Remedy- Chant Goddess Sarala’s Gayatri Mantra.



Dhanistha: You will achieve success if you work in coordination with your higher-ups.

Satavikhya: You will spend a good time with your best friend.

Purbabhadrapada: You will learn to keep control of your feelings.

Remedy- Read Hanuman Chalisa and offer prayer to Lord Hanuman.



Purbabhadrapada: You will be able to read the mind of others easily.

Uttarabhadrapada: You will be able to complete unfinished work.

Revati: You might help the needy.

Remedy- Chant Goddess Tara’s mantra for good fortune.

(By Jyotirvid Private Deepak Acharya)

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