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Chase Runaway, New York Drag Queen, Shares Beauty Secrets

Eyes are a crucial part of any Chase Runaway look, and for that, she typically uses the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner and NYX Professional Makeup Face and Body Glitter. A few years ago, Chase began to incorporate a white eyeliner into her routine, which now serves as a milestone in her beauty evolution. Something so minimal — a speck of white liner on the tip of her nose, a faint trace of it on the edge of her lips, or a swipe of it across her eye crease — makes a huge difference in every look. Finally, she sets her makeup with the Urban Decay Cosmetics All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Many people think a setting spray is a myth, but take it from Chase: it very much is not.

It’s fitting that Chase describes her drag journey as an evolution. The concept of metamorphosis is one that she relates to — she’s even created a beauty look out of faux butterflies to illustrate it. Unlike the technicolor insects, Chase isn’t giving herself just one opportunity to transform. During the height of quarantine and isolating at home, the drag community came to a halt. Without theaters and bars open to the public, where could they perform? Social media became a hub for all kinds of entertainers — let’s never forget the litany of celebrity Lives on Instagram — and Chase noticed that many of her peers used the platform to reach audiences. But Chase knew she could create something bigger and better. “We’re performers, we’re artists, we deserve to create a space that is as amazing as going to a show,” she says. So, she created a digital drag show on YouTube.

some people learned how to make sourdough starter during the first wave of the pandemic; Chase taught herself how to edit videos on Final Cut Pro and create her own posters on Photoshop. She was a producer and showrunner, gathering friends and peers in the community to essentially create their own music videos, spliced ​​together to create an hour-long hit. Of course, performing for an HD camera is very different from performing in person. That new level of professionalism and performance art changed how Chase handled her in-person gigs — forever. Being camera ready took on a whole new meaning.

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