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Cassius Hirst & Prada Collaborate On Reimagined America’s Cup Sneaker

Cassius Hirst and Prada have joined forces to release contemporary styles of the classic Prada shoe designed by the UK artist.

Cassius Hirst and Prada have joined forces to release contemporary styles of the classic Prada shoe designed by the UK artist.

Prada’s signature Linea Rossa American Cup Sneaker emerges once more. The luxury fashion house has tapped artist Cassius “Cass” Hirst to create his take on the shoe which has existed within the Prada catalog since 1997, its initial creation for the Luna Rossa sailing team for America’s Cup. Cass’ work has been sported by Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, the late Virgil Abloh, and more.

Arriving in four distinctive styles and twenty-two colorways with no identical pairings, Cass reinvents the sneaker’s 20th century composition for the newer generation. Their names ATT4CK, D3CAY, SUST4IN, REL3ASE, take inspiration from the world of music while showcasing Cass ‘interests in sonic artistry and his passionate fans. Each title dubs after the ‘envelope,’ or life of a sound and its evolutionary stages, a translation to the American Cup Sneaker and its transformation over time. They also indicate each shoe’s distinctive nature that suggests its look and feel like ATT4CK’s hard-edged arrangement, molded spike embellishments and finished with neon spray or the distressed leather of D3CAY.

Cass x Prada 07 scaled

Prada’s and Cass’ trademark also appears on the footwear, accompanied by a co-branded Prada box including Cass’ logo and a scan of his brain. “The brain scan represents hope and knowledge in a world of shadows and uncertainty,” Cass expressed in a statement. “The brain is where the thoughts happen – for me it all became about creativity and the creative process. I’ve learned that sometimes we have to look inside ourselves to see what’s really going on. We shouldn’t be afraid of that.”

Cass x Prada 01 scaled

The UK-native has always had a knack for fine art, growing up in a household where art exposure was imminent. Cass ‘involvement with sneakers started at age 14 where he painted his first pair, a gift for his father, world-renowned artist Damien Hirst. The rest is history. “I was painting shoes, taking photos, and turning those photos into complex vinyl stencils that became abstract designs. I would mask off part of the body of the shoe, and then wrap the whole shoe in the stencil. It looked crazy,” shared Cass. “I sent a photo to my dad, and then he sent a photo of that to Miuccia [Prada]. And she said, ‘This looks amazing, let’s do something.’ The best part about this project – this collaboration – was how willing Prada are to invest their time, to be open to ideas, to challenges. And to really commit to something new.”

Cass x Prada 09 scaled
Cass x Prada 06 scaled

“The Cass x Prada collection finds parallels between the bold work of this fresh talent and the heritage of Prada – the sense of the hand, an excellence in manufacture, a constant search for innovation, a restless urge to re-examine and reinvent our history ,” conveyed Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Marketing Director and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. “Here, the iconic silhouette of the Prada America’s Cup sneaker becomes a canvas for creation, offered in a special capsule. Something unique, something new.”

The Cassius Hirst x Prada capsule sneaker collection is available now on Prada’s official website and in select Prada boutiques.

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